Celebrating National Engineers Week at Veritas: Krishna Kant Gupta

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We have many exceptional engineers at Veritas, though there are some among the whole who demonstrate a special collaborative spirit and skill. In celebration of #EWeek2019, Veritas is highlighting four engineers across the organization who have shaped our offerings and lend to the overarching sense of community that is a meaningful part of working for Veritas.

Today’s #EWeek2019 Veritas Technologies engineer: Krishna Kant (KK) Gupta

As a Senior Principal Engineer for Veritas NetBackup, KK collaborates with a broad group of stakeholders, from architects to those in product management, to solve complex problems and advance the functionality of NetBackup. His depth of Veritas experience, together with his attention to detail ensures the needs of NetBackup customers lead development. His continual learning and enthusiasm for technical challenges exemplifies the strength of NBU engineering. Thank you, KK!  

What is your role as an engineer with Veritas Technologies? 

@kk_guptaAs a Senior Principal Engineer, I am responsible for the design and development of NetBackup platform. I have been working on NetBackup over 10 years. Recently, I have focused on functionality related to modernizing data protection. 

 What inspired you to take on a role in engineering? 

@kk_guptaWhen I was in school, I was introduced to LOGO programming, moving the turtle with all those little commands; it sure was fun! This experience, along with my interest in mathematics, led me to pursue a degree in computer science. When I was about to graduate, Veritas engineers gave a pre-placement talk on our college campus and introduced us to Veritas’ innovations in data protection and storage. That led me to join Veritas and take on role in engineering. 

 What is your favorite part of your role at Veritas? 

@kk_guptaNetBackup backs up tremendous amounts of customer data, and at some of the world’s largest organizations. So, knowing every functionality I work on improves data protection at the world’s largest organizations keeps me motivated. Another favorite aspect is the people at Veritas – the company has some of the smartest people in the data protection industry and working with them is an honor; it has been a continuous learning experience for me. 

Please, join #TeamVtas in celebrating engineers during #EWeek2019, and engage vox.veritas.com for details on the latest innovations in #DataManagement from Veritas Technologies.

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Congratulations, KK.