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Celebrating women at Veritas: the Pune WAVE chapter plans the year ahead

WAVE Pune FY20 planning 1.png

The Pune chapter of Women at Veritas Empowered—WAVE—launched its FY20 planning session with a showcase of the year past by global WAVE sponsor, SVP, Jane Zhu, including highlights on the company’s #BalanceForBetter, International Women’s Day, GHCi, and the Pune VRun campaigns.

WAVE Champion Manasi Phadnisthen led the team through FY20 concepts to improve the program, with plans to provide professional guidance courses, including technical certification and cybersecurity workshops, wellness lessons, and even an “Office Green, Air Clean” initiative.

Prepared to take on the year ahead
Jane then spoke of her vision for WAVE at the company, sharing insight into why she believes Veritas needs to increase the number of women in leadership. Her speech was followed by a positive talk by Neel Panchaksharam, who shared his perspective on last year’s WAVE charter and the year ahead.

The day closed with an impactful panel discussion titled, “Sponsors Beyond Mentors,” led by Mugdha Vaidya. The panel comprised of Jane Zhu, Leucadia Milly Sandeep, Nandini De, and Asmita Jagtap; the group responded toquestions centered in mentorship, including guidance on the importance of sponsors to excel professionally.

Opportunities like the WAVE retrospective and planning session are just a part of what makes #LifeAtVeritas on #TeamVtas so satisfying.