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Closing of the first EMEA Virtual Technical Forum 2020

Level 3

Welcome to a summary of the final day of Virtual Technical Forum, today's sessions were split into two tracks. The following sums up what I heard during the three sessions I attended.

First on my agenda was Michael Walton, who introduced our NetBackup 5250 Appliance and said we build our appliances to be resilient and durable with increased performance and density. Our development teams have a constant view of what's happening in the market and move quickly to make new additions and improvements to our range of appliances.

With the NetBackup 5250 Appliance, we combined experience and innovation, building this new appliance on the successes of our other appliances. Installing the latest Intel processors, which has improved processing speed. This appliance has the potential for a very long life with the components used, making it a cost-effective solution for Enterprises. We have moved to a single controller to provide lower latency and free up the processor and have double the gigabyte cache at 4Gb. There is a 32Gb solid-state disk installed on the motherboard to do your remote upgrades, making it easier and faster to upgrade, as well as increased storage.

Next up was Petter Sveum on his favourite topic; InfoScale and the Cloud, he said that you could run critical applications in the cloud; however, you need to be mindful that most cloud vendors don’t take responsibility for your applications and data in the cloud. So you will need extra tools to protect your data and ensure storage resiliency in the cloud. Our availability solutions support all cloud environments, take advantage of flash, and help automate deployments. And it is not just the cloud we can support with InfoScale; we cover virtual and physical environments by eliminating downtime, accelerating performance, and modernising your architecture. If you need to find out more, get in touch with Petter.

The final session I attended was with Ashish Patwardhan and Siddharth Deokar, who presented and demonstrated our Flex Appliance, which utilises the agility of container technology and NetBackup data protection. The Flex Appliance's USP is it's highly available, enabling you to automate operations and help consolidate deployments.

Word Cloud Feedback.PNG

My main focus of today's blog is dedicated to our customers and partners who made this a super interactive event. I’d like to close with a couple of unedited attendee testimonials from Kev and Josef:

Kev_Pic.jpg"What a great three days at the Virtual Veritas EMEA Technical Forum, the presentation and interaction was very well done and it was fantastic to hear what is on the roadmap for Veritas, there certainly are some very good additions to the product coming.

The use of virtualization to do these forums could become the norm for many industries and Veritas have once again proved they can adapt to any given situation.

Thank you to all at Veritas for putting this together and I would encourage anyone to join them on any future ones." Kev Lamb, Enterprise Backup Manager, Future Plc

honc_josef_new_400.jpg“The virtual Veritas Tech Forum was very useful for me, although a physical event would definitely be more fun. Lots of information about news and especially road maps showed where Veritas is heading. I really appreciate the opportunity to say what features I would like to see in future versions. Since I try to focus on most Veritas products, it has sometimes been very difficult for me to choose which lecture to follow. Sometimes it ended up watching both at once, so I probably didn't catch either :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:. But I hope you’ll find a way to share the recording.“ Josef Honc, Solution Design Specialist, TechData

If you want to join Kev, Josef, and of course, #TeamVtas at our next customer and partner technical forum, then please get in touch with your account manager.

Thank you for attending our first Virtual Technical Forum, and see you at the next event! Stay safe everyone!