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Commemorating Veteran’s Day at Veritas Technologies

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In commemoration of Veteran’s Day 2018, members of Remembering and Empowering Veterans in Veritas (REVIV) across the company’s U.S. offices joined in wearing REVIV t-shirts, with those in Heathrow and Mountain View participating in a dedicated luncheon, offering the opportunity to share time and tales of individual experiences in service.

In the spirit of Veteran’s Day, we want to offer special acknowledgement to REVIV member, Joel Madsen, who is preparing for mobilization in overseas military deployment in February 2019. Below, please see an excerpt of Joel’s orders reads:

“As contingency operations continue in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism, coalition partners, their aircraft, ships, and ground forces are critical in providing continued coverage of the Central Command area of responsibility. Joel Madsen will act as the primary Naval Central Command Forward Liaison responsible for the management, maintenance, order, and issue of Coalition communication security materials and provide communications security guidance to U.S. and Coalition members.”

Additionally, a nod to our newest member, Joel Silk. Joel comes to Veritas as a Principal Product Manager in Security for SDS and Appliances, and served as an Intelligence Officer in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, Inherent Resolve, and New Dawn. His road to Veritas included support by BreakLine, an immersive educational program for veterans transitioning into new careers, with a focus on technology. Their programs combine skills-based training with professional networking, connecting connect participants directly to industry companies. Joel is also helping to build the presence of Veritas Veterans on LinkedIn.

Examples like the work of both REVIV members illustrate the fundamental visions of REVIV:  to be a rich resource for our veteran community – aiding in networking, professional development, outreach and recruitment, and enabling mentorship opportunities.

Additional information on BreakLine can be found at:, and please see the collection of photos below highlighting REVIV efforts across the U.S. commemorating Veteran's Day 2018.

Veterans out of Veritas' Heathrow offices commemorating Veteran's Day 2018.Veterans out of Veritas' Heathrow offices commemorating Veteran's Day 2018.

The REVIV ERG t-shirt worn by Veritas veterans.The REVIV ERG t-shirt worn by Veritas veterans.

REVIV ERG leaders out of Veritas' HRO.REVIV ERG leaders out of Veritas' HRO.


 Members of REVIV enjoy a luncheon to acknowledge Veteran's Day and connect over shared service.Members of REVIV enjoy a luncheon to acknowledge Veteran's Day and connect over shared service.