Day Two Overview of the EMEA Virtual Technical Forum

the team.pngWelcome to a summary of Day Two Virtual Technical Forum, with the event being splitting into two tracks. I switched between rooms one and two, and the following sums up what I heard during the three sessions attended.

First up was the APTARE dynamic duo Ernie Bergan and Dan Lehto presenting and demoing the latest release. Did you know APTARE IT Analytics is the only vendor-agnostic IT analytics tool on the market? It provides you with a unified view across your IT infrastructure, that saves you time and money and solving real data problems quickly and accurately. The main use cases for installing APTARE IT Analytics are:

  • Chargeback – cross charge internal departments for the data they are storing, helping to optimise your IT budget.
  • Compliance – prevent regulatory penalties and ransomware attacks through visibility of missed backups, failed restores, and missing hosts not in your current policies.
  • Data protection optimisation – reclaim unused storage space, identify stale data, and inefficient backups.
  • Cloud migration optimisation – helping you to identify what should go to the cloud and which cloud.

APTARE is another layer helping to protect your most valuable business asset; data.

Next up were Irfan Shuttari and Dave Scott taking us through Veritas’ Digital Compliance Portfolio. Full disclaimer here I have a soft spot for the Digital Compliance Team, as I used to work closely with them when I first joined Veritas. So, of course, I think it was the best presentation of the day! 😊 The portfolio provides visibility with Data Insight, you can monitor and archive your data easily with Enterprise Vault, and eDiscovery allows you to process those GDPR subject access requests, which we all dread receiving. Dave mentioned that we have an exciting roadmap planned for the next year, so many great initiatives are in the pipeline, I just can’t tell you about them at the moment. The final thought I wanted to leave you with from the presentation is that not only does our Digital Compliance Portfolio help you deal with external risk factors, but it can help alert you to any suspect internal activity happening in the form of money laundering and insider trading within your organisation.

The final session I attended was a NetBackup aJosef Honc.PNGnd SQL Database deep dive delivered by Nate Bangs. He emphasised that we have marketing leading support for any workload and full depth of coverage for database backup and recovery. And hinted at what’s coming in the new release of NetBackup, more details to follow soon.

Finally, I want to thank our attendees for sharing their home setups and feedback on the event so far, it was so nice to see these social media updates from the attendees. I look forward to seeing more updates from Day Three of the #VtasTechForum tomorrow. Be sure to follow the event hashtag, and I'll do another write for the final day.

Take care, and stay safe, everyone!