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Earth Day 2019 - Campaign Results

In suPhoto1.jpgpport of Earth Day 2019, the Veritas Corporate Responsibility team launched a worldwide digital campaign in support of Trees for the Earth, which aims to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020 through Earth Day Network's Canopy Project. This year, 1,543 #TeamVtas employees participated, which correlates to an equal amount of trees planted!

#TeamVtas participation will support the planting of 51,000 fruit tree saplings in some of the poorest and most drought-prone villages of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh, India. The fruit trees will benefit marginal farmers, providing food and income in Anaoura, Lalitpur, and Bundelkhand villages.

Photo3.jpgOne of the main reasons why Earth Day Network is engaged in the Canopy Project is because increasing forest cover is a proven and cost-effective way to combat climate change. In fact, substantial mitigation from the land sector, which includes reforestation and afforestation projects, will be necessary to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal to keep global average temperature rise “well below” 2° Celsius. Gross deforestation currently accounts for around a quarter of all carbon emissions globally, making it one of the leading sources of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The Corporate Responsibility team thanks everyone who participated in this initiative as it will make a difference in preventing climate change and supporting the most at-risk communities.