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GIVE raises awareness of homelessness in Central Florida

Thanksgiving 2020 is here, and for many, this is a time when we reflect on all we have been blessed with throughout our lives - celebrating the health we have, the company of our loved ones, the shelter of our home, refrigerators brimming with food, our amazing colleagues, and of course our incredible ability to #PayitForward. However, let’s not forget that many among us aren’t as fortunate – be it the loss of a loved one, financial adversity, or living in isolation. Life can be challenging for those of us who have fallen on hard times, are homeless, in search of stability, and pursuit of a better life.

Rescue Outreach Mission provides emergency homeless shelter, integrative support services that include case management, educational/vocational support, and job readiness skills. The mission is a 90+ bed facility (a 51-bed facility for women and children; 48 beds for men) that provides three meals per day, seven days a week to each resident. It is the only Emergency Shelter in Seminole County, Florida that exists to serve the disadvantaged people of Central Florida by providing resources that help prevent homelessness and by helping those who are already homeless return to self-sufficiency.

The Heathrow GIVE ERG needs your help to support the Rescue Outreach Mission of Central Florida. The mission needs both in-kind and financial donations to ensure vulnerable populations are cared for amidst the pandemic and challenging economic times. Veritas makes a Dollar-for-dollar match for all employee charitable donations to qualified non-profit organizations.

Spare some time during the extended weekend to go through your closet and donate gently used items – clothing, sheets, blankets, socks/shoes, board games, etc. Non-perishable food, baby wipes, toiletries, and dental/feminine hygiene products are items that are also in demand.  

"HRO-GIVE has provided me a space within my work community to extend my passion for giving and volunteering. I hope that as people participate in our activities, it will enrich their lives, familiarize them with communities, and connect them to people and ideas that will positively impact their perspective for the rest of their lives."

- GIVE Champion, Central Florida

The GIVE (Giving at Veritas Empowered) employee resource group fosters Veritas’ corporate citizen culture. GIVE teams develop relationships with communities where Veritas operates and raises awareness among Veritas employees for important causes to employees and local communities.

Discover how Veritas employees participate in their communities to make the world a better place: