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Happy 25th Jubilee Celebrations to Veritas India

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Veritas' first office in Pune, IndiaVeritas' first office in Pune, IndiaIt feels like I just joined Veritas yesterday, but it was really 14 May, 2001. Going through the interviews and getting selected at Veritas was such a big achievement even back then. With so many releases, many new learnings, and stringent processes, this organization has made every single day of the journey worth it. It has made me a complete engineering professional today, compared to the raw beginner I was when I started.

When people say, “don’t you get bored riding the same technology train?”, it makes me wonder how many stations I have passed and how my career and the company has progressed.

When I started at Veritas, NetBackup supported one operating system, it now supports 90+ different operating systems. Back in the 2000s only one database was supported, this product now has 30+ supported different agents. Through the cloud journey, this product now provides support for all major cloud providers. And has traversed its path from VMWare to Hyper-V to Nutanix to Kubernetes. Every time we came to these milestones, we learned something new; it never felt like the same station. Over the years the product teams have grown from strength to strength. Continuing to perform and face some of the toughest customers in the industry was a formidable task. Half of my organization today has been in the product industry for 10+ years, something that is truly hard for some corporations to achieve. It is also something to cherish – the knowledge, the depth, and the loyalty from my colleagues and friends. I was always on my toes trying to perform, never realizing that I created so many fond memories from working at Veritas over the years.

While we are celebrating 25 years of Veritas in India, I go back down memory lane, and I think it’s been a privilege to be on this journey. The company celebration reminded me of such great memories, like the flashback to all the old buildings we have worked out of in the Pune district. The ‘Einstein’ search was a brilliant concept executed and designed by our leaders and brought smiles to many faces. The ‘What VeritVeritas' current office in Pune, IndiaVeritas' current office in Pune, Indiaas means to me’ video showcased more than a hundred people voicing so many thoughts about their relationship with the organization, right from ‘flexibility’ and ‘work-life balance’, to ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’.

I’m filled with the deepest gratitude at being able to navigate this journey with Veritas and I would most definitely board the same train and travel the same route again if given a chance.

Happy Birthday Veritas India! And here’s to the next 25 years!