Highlights from Fujitsu Forum 2018 Day Two: The Finale

That’s a wrap for day two at Fujitsu Forum 2018, marking the close of the show. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who visited the Veritas stand; we've enjoyed meeting attendees and sharing unified data management discussions. A special thanks to #TeamVtas and Fujitsu who managed the stand – you were all amazing, and we hope to see you next year at Fujitsu Forum 2019!

View the following photos to see what happened on Veritas’ stand at Fujitsu Forum:

20181108_083211064_iOS.jpgVeritas staff from around the world manned the Veritas stand at Fujitsu Forum20181108_091214738_iOS.jpgVeritas/Fujitsu flight box containing NetBackup and featuring Ramsey (this year's mascot at Fujitsu Forum)20181108_095607497_iOS.jpgFrank Reichart (left) and Andreas Bechter (right) waiting for their presentation slot to begin. Happy photo!20181108_100412790_iOS.jpgA packed house for the Veritas/Fujitsu joint presentation.20181108_100455372_iOS.jpgAndreas Bechter opens the Veritas/Fujitsu presentation slot.20181108_100713516_iOS.jpgAndreas Bechter presented the current IT and Business challeneges businesses are facing today.20181108_101304127_iOS.jpgIt is important to protect hyper-converged infrastructures.20181108_101319505_iOS.jpgFrank Reichart advises how to backup for a hyper-converged environments.20181108_141948492_iOS.jpgBehind the scenes filming with Takanori Yamada (left) and Zoe Sands (that's me, on the right)20181108_141959325_iOS.jpgHappy customers with their Ramsey mascot.