Highlights from #TeamVtas: Celebrating Pride 2018 at Veritas Technologies

This year’s San Francisco Pride Parade marked a meaningful moment for many of us at Veritas Technologies. From the vibrant red double-decker bus that carried members of #TeamVtas along San Francisco’s Pride Parade route, to the t-shirts worn by employees and their family and friends promoting the company’s #StayTrue message, I am impressed by Veritas’ dedication to its people and their communities and culture.

As one of the leaders of Veritas’ Bay Area Pride at Veritas Empowered employee resource group, I’m proud to be a part of a company promoting values of diversity and inclusivity – not just in thought, but in action.

It is efforts like our #Pride2018 participation that make #LifeAtVeritas so compelling. I invite you to view highlights from #TeamVtas at the 2018 San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade.

Parade2018.5.JPGMembers of #TeamVtas marching in the Pride Parade route before the Veritas double-decker bus.

Parade2018.2.JPGFrom the top floor of the Veritas double-decker bus, members of #TeamVtas wave to the crowd and sing along to the music being played by the on-board DJ.

Parade2018.3.JPGVeritas balloons peppered our displays for the San Francisco Pride Parade, and were carried and distributed to the crowd by members of #TeamVtas.Parade2018.6.JPGIn their Stay True t-shirts and with rainbow sweatbands, members of #TeamVtas walked the Pride Parade route and greeted attendees.