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Inside the Veritas New College Graduate Program


Last summer, we welcomed 117 new college graduates (NCG) as part of the Veritas campus hiring program. These graduates joined #TeamVtas between July and August 2021 and onboarded virtually into their respective Veritas teams.

We wanted to share a short review of the program, along with feedback from key stakeholders and graduates. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate our graduate hires on their six-month anniversary with Veritas — you’re all making a significant contribution to our business and helping us achieve our goals; thank you for your input.

I recently caught up with Vijay Mhaskar, Vice President of Engineering, Data Protection, and asked his thoughts on the program and the 2021 cohort. “Hiring fresh talent from university provides us with the benefit of new ideas from enthusiastic newbies,” said Vijay. “They help us continually bring fresh perspectives, unlimited energy, and passion for creating innovation.”

The career development and growth new graduates receive in coaching is dynamic, empowering, and adapts toMeet Vedika SadavarteMeet Vedika Sadavarte how people work today. Before joining Veritas, the graduates received weekly connections with business leaders and were encouraged to join the VOX community groups for updates and online discussions.

During the past six months, Veritas introduced the NCGs to various different programs such as ‘Know Your Business’ and ‘Community Connect’ where they learned about Veritas products and business. Helping shape the product portfolio strategy and turn ideas into new possibilities for our customers.

Early engagement has proved beneficial to the new graduates by working with leading technologies and emerging products. “Finally, my dream of working at Veritas, the best data-driven company, came true,” says new graduate Vedika Sadavarte, Associate SQA Engineer. “I have discovered different aspects of testing and implemented it on a few modules. I really enjoy working here.”

Meet Naman ModiMeet Naman ModiAssociate Software Engineer and NCG, Naman Modi, talks about his first six months at Veritas. “After a smooth onboarding by the HR team, we had various product sessions and leadership talks.” He continues, “the experience has been nothing less than phenomenal.”

Finally, Senior Manager, Global Staffing, Ruchi Sinha says, “The first few months in any organization are critical to the assimilation of an employee, and Veritas has made that process smooth and more inclusive.”

If you would like to participate in the Veritas university program, you can contact me at or Niranjan Kale at