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Let me share something inspiring in Veritas’ REVIV


Veritas CEO Bill Coleman supporting Veritas' seasonal ERG efforts.Veritas CEO Bill Coleman supporting Veritas' seasonal ERG efforts.

Did you know Veritas has a Veteran Employee Resource (ERG) group? We are called REVIV: Remembering and Empowering Veterans in Veritas, and our group, founded one year ago, highlights Veterans and Veteran Enablers alike.

We are a group with champions across Veritas’ U.S. offices, and hope to one day be military-inclusive, worldwide.

The background of Veritas’ REVIV group
For years we have considered the potential positivity in inviting a Veteran-focused nonprofit on site to talk about the value and partnerships we could share. I have sat in awe as LinkedIn, Cisco, Salesforce and others promote Veterans in volunteering, recruitment, and employment.

I realized, we could do this, too. Now at the close of 2017, we are proud to share we are a part of this effort.

We reached out to Vets-in-Tech – a bay area nonprofit. Founder, Katherine Webster, and her Director of Operations, Chris Starling, joined myself and several others at Veritas’ Building One to discuss the possibilities in partnering. We enjoyed lunch, spoke to our military experiences, and effectively built a network.

During this first meeting, I requested Bill Coleman join, since Katherine and Bill knew each other from Sun Microsystems. Everyone hit it off. To know we have a CEO that will join and support an employee resource group (because you know he has a busy day) is a great feeling; this shows he truly adheres to our company values.

The exciting future for REVIV at Veritas
It is amazing to see how far REVIV has come in twelve months’ time. And moving forward, we intend to ramp-up REVIV efforts. With the Veritas ERG fair due to be announced, you can look forward to learning more about REVIV or other ERGs at our company. You may be inspired to even start your own!

A proud Veteran at Veritas
I am proud to have been a reservist, and grateful to work for a company where the CEO dedicates his time to supporting a meaningful, employee-led group like REVIV. And I’m thankful we have broad support, including that of leadership, diversity and inclusion, and most of all, Veritas mentors, to get these ideas off-the-ground.

I look forward to all the opportunities Veritas affords us, and how we can be more site inclusive. REVIV is a small, but mighty group, and we invite you to join us at our next meeting.