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Let the data set you free

All enterprise businesses face exponential growth in data capture. How does an organization gain real-time visibility into their data with the ability to leverage the analysis in real-time?

Healthcare, for example, faces a multitude of challenges in spending and cost control.  Data analysis stands as one way to control expense.  Specific areas of improvement are in frequency analysis of medical conditions.  For example, what is the highest frequency of conditions treated by an organization, and how can expense be controlled by examining clinical presentation frequency?  Does the organization focus on Heart Care, Diabetes management, Neonatal care, or all three?  By using evidence based guidelines, some Healthcare organizations discovered that up to 60 discrete Services can be revamped to increase quality improvement and contain cost, including medication, diagnosis, outpatient services and follow up care and services (HBR Dec 2017).

Examples like this in which organizations have used their data to their strategic benefit are rarities.  A majority of enterprises have yet to fully tap the potential of their stored and real-time data. When an organization can have high quality data at the right time, that enhancement will naturally lead to accentuate the best practices of measuring and improving outcomes.  The measurement of outcomes always leads to significant improvement in quality, cost containment, and overall patient and client experience.  Unfortunately, data analytics at a majority of Healthcare organizations are not high on the efficacy scale and create tremendous management and reporting drag on the internal IT and Administrative organizations. To mitigate this drag, management of Data Analytics can and will immediately impact results and clinical outcomes.


services blog.pngData Visibility and Optimization gives an organization ultimate control over analytics of their core data sets and identifies potential challenges by risk, business continuity and compliance readiness.  Having the ability to segment and work to leverage data/workload portability creates enterprise redundancy, resilience and continuity.  Cost savings occur in reducing the number of vendors needed, allowing for workforce reallocation to more productive functions, decreasing training curves and - perhaps most importantly - reducing system downtime.

By examining specific client verticals such as healthcare, organizations should migrate from viewing data as a transactional tool for billing, monitoring and error checking and embrace it as an instrument for actionable business intelligence that can developmentally lead to new opportunities to manage the business in real time and create new real-time models based on real time analytics.  

As Data experts, Veritas leads our clients in road mapping to and through the next steps to 360 Data Management both in a premise-based and Hybrid multi-cloud environment as a natural evolution path for their organizations.  Professional Services-led analytics of existing data landscape will lead to immediate and drastic expense control, enhanced patient/client experience, and significant brand image growth.

To properly monetize Analytics, organiztions need to overcome multiple challenges in current IT infrastructure. Most of the internal systems used today are inflexible in adapting to and integrating with other systems. Customization is expensive and difficult. The ability to share information is not yet widely available between systems. This inability to share information between systems is a key obstacle to pooling huge amounts of data and homogenizing the analytical outcome to an outcome-based actionable direction for the client. 

The hurdles are surmountable, and there are compelling return on investment models to examine in driving integration and results-based analytics across the clients’ enterprise.  The initial step is a Professional Services analytics whiteboard session to examine existing infrastructure, data flow and potential outcome-based modeling on potential data solutions.  Knowledge is power, and data provides that power. With predictive analytics, Veritas helps customers answer the unanswerable.

Professional Services analytics engagements by the data experts at Veritas examine data visibility, data protection, Business Continuity, Software Defined Storage and information governance within a 360 Intelligent Core.  The developmental processes and solution outcomes from these types of engagements benefit enterprise expense control, increase revenue and enhance brand, often in real-time and with quick ramp ROIs. Clients have their data; looking at analytics allows them to leverage it.  The truth is data, after all, sets us free.

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