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#LifeAtVeritas Interview with Nikhil Patwardhan - A Journey from Banking to IT

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Readers! You might have seen last week's Life At Veritas Interview with Eliane Gerges, Channel Account Manager who is based in Dubai, this week I caught up with Nikhil Patwardhan, Financial Analyst for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) based in Veritas' Reading office. In his #LifeAtVeritas interview, he shares how he has spent two decades in the finance industry before coming to work for Veritas. There is a misconception that to work in IT you need to have studied technology or have a technical background, but that's just a myth and skills that are used in the core business functions such as finance and legal are easily transferrable to the IT industry. Read on to find out more about Nikhil, his career and what he enjoys most about his role at Veritas.

Meet Nikhil PatwardhanMeet Nikhil PatwardhanZoe: Nikhil, what has been your career highlight to date? And what are you most proud of?
Nikhil: Having worked in Banking and Finance for over 20 years it is difficult to name just one. Leading a successful turnaround of a loss-making Retail Banking branch at the age of 28 is one achievement that is etched in memory.

Zoe: What do you enjoy most about your role at Veritas?
Nikhil: Working with a group of highly talented, performing and motivated colleagues every day reminds me of why I chose a role with Veritas. I love the way each day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to learn.

Zoe: To some extent, we are influenced by others. Who are your role models and influencers?
Nikhil: My influencers and role models include; K. V. Kamath who served as Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank from 1996 to 2009 and Warren Buffett.

Zoe: It is important to take time to have fun and enjoy life. What do you like to do outside of your role at Veritas?
Nikhil: I love trekking, travelling and writing for my travel blog.

Zoe: Nikhil, different things motivate different people. What motivates you?
Nikhil: Achieving a goal as a team and then subsequently receiving the recognition of efforts motivates me the most.

Nikhil pursuing one of his passions.Nikhil pursuing one of his passions.Zoe: How do you define success?
Nikhil: Being able to live each day with positivity, contentment and have the time and resources to pursue my passion to travel the world.

Zoe: Why should people choose to work at Veritas?
Nikhil: Veritas is a strong, dynamic organisation. It is always evolving – always looking for the next innovation that allows us to stand out further from our competition. It provides a solid platform for personal advancement and growth opportunities.

Zoe: Describe Veritas in one word?
Nikhil: Enterprising

Zoe: Finally, what technology can’t you live without?
Nikhil: Microsoft Office

That concludes my interview with Nikhil Patwardhan, it was great catching up and thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts. What stood out most from this interview with Nikhil's was that he has applied his skills and experience gained in the Banking and Finance sector to IT. In the IT sector, we have a skill shortage and there are lots of non-technical roles waiting to be filled here at Veritas and at other technology companies, so do think about and consider a role in the tech sector even if you don't have any IT industry experience.

If you enjoyed this Life at Veritas blog post, then do stay tuned as there will be more interview style posts from other people at Veritas. And if this has inspired you to join our team, then check out our job vacancies on LinkedIn and apply here.