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Making the Change after 20 years to Become a Remote Worker...


Dog walking in the snow...Dog walking in the snow...It was a big decision, but after 20 years at the same employer, I decided I wanted a change and so, I've started a new job at Veritas. This was  huge change for me as I've been an office-based worker for the same company for 20 years, but now it’s  time for a new adventure and opportunities as a remote worker at Veritas.

Here’s my thoughts on how I’m settling into my new role

The big worry for me (and I think most people) when moving jobs wassn’t the new job itself, it’s the change – “I won’t know anyone, I won’t know how to get anything done, I won’t know who to ask for help”. Change was the main reason that kept me at IBM for 20 years

And you know what? All of that is true…. But, all jobs have processes, forms that must be filled in, things that need approved, products and offerings you need to learn, people you need to meet and ask for help. What makes it work and what you need to make a success of it is the right mindset I think.

Of course it’s natural to have a bit of nervousness or trepidation, but if you spend all the time worrying about how difficult things will be, then of course they’ll be difficult. The worst thing you can do I think is to live in the past - ‘When I was in XXXX…’, ‘It wasn’t like this in XXX…’, ‘In XXXX, we had this…’. The way to make it work I think is to change your own mindset. And this is how I’m going to make this a success for me:

  • I’m going to learn the new processes.
  • I’m going to meet the new people and introduce myself as the new guy and ask for help.
  • I’m going to listen to what people are telling me and what experience and knowledge they are passing on to me.
  • I’m going to spend the time doing the training and learning new systems.
  • I’m going to practice my introduction and my elevator pitch and my customer pitch.
  • I’m going to have that early first conversation with a customer or partner to test what I’ve learned and practiced.
  • I’m prepared for it to be a bit difficult and for it not being quite right the first few times, but I’m going to get better and re-do it.I’m going to commit to myself and I’m going to give it the beans to make it work.

I’ve met some great people in my first few months at Veritas. People who’ve helped me get onboard, people who’ll help me do my job, people who’ll help me when I don’t know how to do or get something done, people who’ll be great to share a coffee/beer with. The decision to move is absolutely still the right one.

I’m still getting used to being a remote worker. I’m well used to remote working - most people who work in IT probably are. But being a full time remote worker is a complete mindset change I think. 

The key piece of advice I’ve been given is create and maintain a routine. If you can, have a space in the house that’s your office and treat it like your office. Keep a routine the same way you did when you worked in an office. Get up at the same time, spend the time you used to on travel on getting a bit of exercise instead, have a ‘uniform’ so that getting changed into and out of it helps you change your mind set. Behave the same way you would in the office.

None of that is earth-shattering, but it’s also probably things you wouldn’t think of if you’re not the new guy or a remote worker. I would welcome your thoughts on being new to an organisation and how you personally deal with remote working.

And if this has inspired you to join our team, then check out our latest job vacancies on LinkedIn and apply here.