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Meet the Recruiter – Ben Ralph

Level 1

JustineVelcich_0-1666036333010.jpegMeet the Recruiter – Ben Ralph
Job title: Principal Talent Acquisition Specialist - EMEA 
Years at Veritas: 1 year 

Ben, can you tell us about your first job?
When I was thirteen, I
had a summertime job where I worked as a mechanic, servicing cars and changing brakes. My brother was a mechanic, along with many others in my family too. It was a great experience because it enabled me to earn money independently for the first time. It was something I felt very proud of.

As I reflect on this experience, I realize that it taught me about responsibility and the value of working hard at an early age. It also taught me the importance of reliability and establishing a routine such as getting up and going to work consistently. 

First corporate job:  
In 2010, I began my journey in recruiting working for a marketing firm. Previously, I worked in sales. I saw this transition as an opportunity to connect candidates to their dream jobs. I real­ized that selling to a customer utilizes similar skill sets as to bringing candidates to a new company or role. It was a challenge to fill requisitions at this company, especially in the marketing sector but despite the obstacles, I was still very much motivated and excited about the new role in talent acquisition. I was promoted to team leader in 6 months and then within another 6 months, I received another promotion and became the Recruitment Manager at the firm. It was my excitement and drive that allowed me to succeed.

Fun fact:  
I am also an on-call firefighter, which means I must stay local to the station on a bi-weekly basis. My passion for firefighting came after I took a career break from IT and recruiting to learn something new. However, unlike the Bay Area, being a firefighter in Ireland is not a lucrative job. I am delighted that Veritas allows me the flexibility to manage both positions, both of which I deeply enjoy. In my spare time, I enjoy building and fixing computers, a hobby I started during the pandemic. I also enjoy spending time outdoors and fishing.


  1. Describe your role, responsibilities, and experience at Veritas.  

My role as a Principal Recruiter touches everything in full cycle recruiting for Veritas across Europe and specializes in technical recruitment. My day-to-day tasks can range from sourcing for candidates across different verticals, initiating phone screens, engaging in salary negotiations, and creating offers.

A critical part of my role as a recruiter is being an extension of my internal customers and providing a value add, consultative service. One of my favorite parts of the recruiter role is interacting and helping candidates. I am incredibly passionate about ensuring every candidate has a great experience when engaging with Veritas. Like the global talent acquisition team, I view this as one of my core priorities.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of working at Veritas?

One of my favorite aspects of Veritas culture is the ability to support change within the organization. Additionally, I appreciate the flexibility and work-life balance that Veritas provides. This allows me to take time to enjoy my other interests such as being a part-time firefighter as mentioned previously.  

  1. What has been the most impactful lesson (s) you have learned as you progress your career?  

Have patience, work hard and everything will fall into place with time. Do not over-extend yourself: become a subject matter expert at your current role before asking to take on more.

  1. You are hiring: what are the most in-demand skills that you recruit?

I believe that regardless of the position, candidates will succeed if they are adaptable, enjoy learning and embrace modern technology. Our industry is constantly evolving. Veritas is in a niche market, but I find that the technical skills can be learned on the job. It is important that candidates have a lean-in attitude. People skills such as collaborating with remote international teammates are essential.

  1. What top three tips would you give to someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to you?  
  • Keep the resume concise and relevant, Recruiters can always request more information if needed. 
  • Cover letters are not crucial, put more of your time into a well-written resume. 
  • Come prepared with questions for your interviewers. An interview is a 2-way street: engage with interviewing teams to show and express interest in the role and the company.  

Ben is actively hiring positions across EMEA for Veritas. Check out these roles or visit our careers page for more: 

Data Privacy Operations Manager 

Principal Critical Situation Manager 

Sr Technical Support Engineer