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Meet the Recruiter: Shivani Mali

Level 1

ecai912_0-1669164435531.jpegVeritas Meet the Recruiter: Shivani Mali  
Job title and organization you support: Sr. Recruiter, India TA
Years at Veritas: 3.2 Years 

First job: 
My first non-corporate job was in real estate while I was pursuing a degree in engineering. It was a lucrative job, and I enjoyed showing people beautiful properties every day, helping clients find their dream homes. This experience helped me pay off my school loans in a short period of time and it enabled me to buy my first smartphone. 

First corporate job 
My first corporate job was as a technical support engineer for British Telecom. It wasn’t my favorite job, but it helped me realize I was a problem solver and that I enjoyed interacting with people and expanding my network. The most important lesson it taught me was, while I wanted all these attributes in my career, I realized that I did not want to be a “Tech support engineer”. 

Fun fact about yourself: 
I love to cook! However, when it comes to simply making popcorn, I fail probably one out of every four bags (okay maybe three out of four); but it is not my fault! The bag clearly states how many seconds between popping, and when I go to open the door, I get two pops that are quicker than the stated time creating a reason for me to overthink it, so I normally get an under-popped bag (for fear of burning) or a bag that is slightly burned (because I over analyzed the pops). 

Favorite hobbies/past time:  
I’m a new mom. My hobbies include wiping tiny butts, planning and preparing meals, and singing lullabies. I am often watching Cocomelon, a Netflix cartoon series, with my baby. I’ve come to realize that it is a luxury to have a moment alone or to have time to watch my own favorite show. 

What inspired you to become a recruiter/work in talent acquisition?  
Talent Acquisition is all about bringing people together. Your stakeholders come to you in search of a perfect candidate and candidates reach out to you for an excellent opportunity. What inspires me each day is that we make a stark difference to peoples’ lives. Helping a candidate to find their dream role has such a positive impact on their lives. After all, they will wake up every day knowing they are walking into a job they love. 

It is a great feeling to be able to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. 

What has been the biggest lesson(s) you have learned as you progress in your career? 
They say "I don't even have time to sleep! How do you do it? “ Well, I belong to a family with an army background, and in the army, discipline and time management are vital. I learned from my father that you can only manage your time when you track it. Being a full-time mom and a full-time employee is like two full time jobs. I work hard so that I don’t get escalations from my baby or from our hiring managers. 

Throughout the years, I got in the habit of timing many of my day-to-day tasks such as checking email, sourcing, HR discussions, and updating my reports. I became so good at knowing how productive I was that I later developed a strategy to compete against myself to see if I can complete projects and tasks even faster. I applied the same strategy to planning and preparing my baby’s meals. Weekly meal planning goes into my calendar and daily meal prep goes on my daily To Do list. The biggest lesson I learned in my career is that time management helps create boundaries for working more efficiently and allows us to enjoy more family time. 

What roles are you hiring? What are the skills needed to succeed in these roles? 
The Veritas engineering team is all about innovation and expanding your knowledge base. At Veritas, we encourage our employees to be bold and big thinkers. Veritas is interested in hiring candidates who have experience with file systems, storage, and cloud technology for data protection and governance engineering. 

We are currently hiring for Performance engineer, Python Developer and Python Automation engineers for Pune, India. 

What top three tips would you give to someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to you? 

  • Keep your resume short and precise. Highlight relevant skills, experience, and certifications. 
  • Link your LinkedIn /social media profiles in your resume. 
  • Learn about Veritas, read the job description thoroughly, and prepare well before applying for any opportunity.