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Meet the Recruiter: Suzanne Tran

Level 1

I had the opportunity to connect with Suzanne Tran, Senior Principal Technical Recruiter, Data Protection VPO, to learn more about her background and discuss qualities she looks for in an applicant.

What was your first job?

My first job was a summer job at a federal agency that paid $4.10 an hour during my high school days. Even though it may seem like such small pay now, I was delighted to earn my own money at that age. The job was simple; I was a student assistant in a non-profit social services office doing administrative work such as filing, copying, and running errands. I loved interacting with my co-workers.

What was your first corporate job?

My first corporate job was at Hewlett Packard (HP), now known as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). I was there for 20+ years. It was a great company and people strived to stay at HP for many years because of the stability of the company. My first role at HPE was working as a benefits coordinator for a year. Then my manager became the leader for Talent Acquisition, and I followed in the transition. I started as a staffing coordinator, became a full-cycle recruiter for five to six years, and then pivoted to a strategic sourcing specialist role for one to two years. As you can tell, I have worked in talent acquisition my whole life and I really enjoy it.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Generally, I am known to be a shy person. My passion is to help people and I find a lot of enjoyment in my work when I can help our managers hire great talent and grow their teams. At the same time, my role as a recruiter helps candidates find and land their dream jobs. This brings so much happiness to many different people. Aside from work, I love gardening and planting, specifically flowers and no other greenery like vegetation. I would like to learn more about antiques because I enjoy analyzing and window shopping at antique stores.

What is your favorite aspect about working at Veritas?

The people here are exceptional. Everyone is kind, supportive, responsive, and engaged, especially my team. People seem to take pride in what they do, and value their role and the impact they make. I love the impact that I create here at Veritas.

What has been the most impactful lesson(s) you have learned as you progress your career? 

Think before you speak. It is important to be aware of how we convey ourselves. It can be especially challenging in a virtual setting like it is now, working from home.  I’ve also learned from experience that it is essential to take the time to do things right. This includes being thoughtful with our messaging to our customers and candidates with whom we work.

You are hiring; what is the most in-demand skills your team is looking for?

Since I recruit for most of our technical teams, we are always looking for top talent with the following technical backgrounds: Python, C, C++, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Containers and Kubernetes and a deep interest in Cloud technologies. I’d like to emphasize that while technical skills are important, it can be taught and learned on the job. Attitude and soft skills are just as important, but they can’t be taught. An exceptional candidate is someone who carries a positive attitude. Managers and recruiters like to ask: is this someone I’d want to interact and work with on a daily basis?

What top three tips would you give to someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to you?

  1. Highlight your technical skills and certifications.
  2. Keep your resume brief, one to two pages maximum.
  3. Be aware of the energy you bring to the table when speaking with recruiters and hiring managers—a positive attitude will make you stand out in the interview process.
  4. Lastly, come prepared with good questions to ask the team.

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