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Please join us in the #VTASgratitude campaign

Level 6


To our VOX community of Veritas customers, employees, and partners – we invite you to be a part of #VTASgratitude.

Over the coming holiday season, we want to capture the gratitude felt among those at Veritas, and offer insight on the positivity that guides the Veritas business; for our engineering teams, to our company partners, to the Support staff assisting customers in seeking the best possible solution to their questions – we are grateful.

As a part of the #VTASgratitude campaign, we will be posting a collection of content to VOX and Veritas social media channels, and invite you to join in the conversation. Please, freely use the images attached to this post, as well as the #VTASgratitude hashtag, to participate in this expression of thankfulness.

As the season continues, please reach out to me in the VOX community, @AlexMatts, with comments or questions on #VTASgratitude; the VOX team welcomes your perspective, and would like to incorporate them into our ongoing messages of thankfulness, if possible.

Alexandra Matthiesen, VOX Community Manager