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Protecting critical data in healthcare

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Healthcare organizations around the globe are committed to achieving optimal patient outcomes.  That’s a given, and a key aspect toward achieving that goal is in treating patient data with the same level of care and protection offered to a healthcare organization’s patients.

Enabling healthcare organizations to rest assured that their data, and especially that pertaining to their patients, is fully protected 24/7 is critical.  Step 1 toward achieving that goal is ensuring that all key data is backed up and recoverable at any time.

In addition to making sure data is backed up and retrievable whenever necessary, another key need within healthcare is protecting patient data confidentiality which is achieved through strict adherence to data treatment compliance mandates like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  In the U.S., healthcare organizations need to provide evidence that they are meeting HIPAA requirements or face serious penalties in the form of fines or even license suspensions.  Veritas can help healthcare organizations immensely in this area as well with a portfolio of information governance software offers designed to provide clear data insight with policy-driven actions to ensure the right data, including confidential patient data, is collected, stored, and retrievable to help meet full accordance with HIPAA requirements. 

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At Veritas, we’re proud of the role we take in helping healthcare organizations optimally manage their data while protecting their patient information.  Our 360 data management approach to unified, comprehensive management of data – protection, mobility, storage optimization, service continuity, and information governance – allows our healthcare customers to feel confident in knowing their data is protected and efficiently stored while their compliance requirements are being met.  For healthcare IT staff, this means much less time worrying about data management and much more time focusing on leveraging IT as a critical tool to promote optimal patient care.

We’re headed to HIMSS 2018  March 5-9, and look forward to connecting with you. If you’re attending, join us to learn more about our 360 approach to healthIT.