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Shannon Power visits Veritas' Pune office to deliver an empowering presentation

Shannon_Power_visits_Pune_2.jpgLast week, the Women at Veritas Empowered employee resource group in Veritas' Pune office hosted VP Global Business Operations at Veritas, Shannon Power. During this WAVE session, Shannon had the opportunity to provide her "Top three principles for success," listed below.

1.) Accept challenges 
Strive to challenge yourself in your career, so you can continue pushing your horizons. Resisting change will essentially pull you back, whereas accepting challenges in your career will provide important learning opportunities, while also showing colleagues you're ready to tackle what comes your way. 
2.) Know when you need to pauseShannon_Power_visits_Pune_5.jpg
We all face situations where we find ourselves face-to-face with exhaustion. Be aware of how you're feeling in your career and know when you need to take a step back to focus on personal growth. Taking a break to recharge isn't a bad thing, and can even help you discover what you need and want to proceed with intention. 
3.) Follow your passion 
In order to be an expert in your field, you'll need to love what you do—truly. Select your career path wisely, and use your passion to drive focus, learn, and ultimately strive to be better.