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Showcasing a Modernised Approach to Data Protection at the Nutanix .NEXT Tour 2019

Community Manager
Community Manager


20181128_124924434_iOS.jpgVeritas and Nutanix have partnered to create a high-performance data protection solution by integrating the leading enterprise backup and recovery software with a turnkey hyper-converged infrastructure offering with feature-rich software-defined storage and built-in virtualisation. Combining world-class backup and recovery together with highly scalable Nutanix virtualised environments allows organisations to realise the full value of the cloud while seamlessly protecting their vital information. Veritas will be showcasing these solution offerings at the forthcoming Nutanix .NEXT Tour 2019, here are the cities and countries we are visiting with Nutanix:


City Country Date  Register
Lille France 05/03/2019
Barcelona Spain 05/03/2019
Madrid Spain 06/03/2019
Lisbon Portugal 07/03/2019
Stockholm Sweden 07/03/2019
Lyon  France 12/03/2019
Dublin Ireland 12/3/21019
Rome Italy 14/03/2019
Marseille France 14/03/2019
Padova Italy 19/03/2019
Rabat Morocco 19/03/2019
Zurich Switzerland 20/03/2019
Casablanca Morocco 21/03/2019
Toulouse France 21/03/2019
Milan Italy 21/03/2019
Lausanne Switzerland 22/03/2019
Nantes France 26/03/2019
Sydney Australia 28/03/2019
Paris France 09/04/2019