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Supply chain team supports Veritas’ efforts to reduce environmental impact

During Veritas' 2020 fiscal year (FY'20), Veritas Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across its entire value chain decreased by four percent compared with the prior year. Since FY'18, Veritas has decreased GHG emissions by seven percent.

“Veritas’ environmental sustainability efforts would not be possible without teams across the company stepping up to join the sustainability journey,” says Manager, Corporate Responsibility Claire Verrot. “And Veritas’ Supply Chain team is a great example of how a team can unlock business value by reducing carbon emissions and costs all at once.”

For 80 percent of Veritas’ hardware orders, Veritas contracts a carrier to deliver its products to the customer, with road and air being the most commonly used freight methods. In early FY'20, Supply Chain Global Fulfilment Manager John Murphy and Supply Chain Sustainability Manager Raquel Alonso, both environmental sustainability advocates, worked to release a request for proposal (RFP) for carrier services. As part of this RFP, environmental and corporate responsibility criteria carried a 20 percent scorecard weight. After careful review, the company DB Schenker was awarded Veritas’ carrier business as DB Schenker’s industry-leading sustainability capability and programs offered Veritas the opportunity to choose environmentally conscious solutions.

An important initiative that came out of this new partnership was moving from air to rail for the Europe to China lane that releases a high amount of GHG emissions. Under the new contract, the first shipment involved five tons of Veritas hardware appliances shipped using a new road and rail network from the manufacturing site in Ireland to China, and then distributed to customers in China.

This switch enabled a 90 percent reduction in emissions and a 20 percent reduction in freight costs. In FY'20 alone, Veritas reduced its greenhouse gas emissions from its US-Canada transportation lane by 90 percent after moving from air to truck transportation.

The partnership with DB Schenker is an important focus for the Supply Chain team in FY2021. The team is working closely with DB Schenker to analyze Veritas’ transportation lanes that have the highest environmental impact and determine what changes can be made to reduce GHG emissions and costs.

Looking ahead

The Supply Chain team also changed the operator used to book shipments to Singapore. Moving forward, shipments to Singapore will be dispatched primarily through China Airlines. The routing that this airline will take will unlock an additional 20 percent reduction in GHG emissions.  

Veritas’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals

In FY2020, Veritas committed to setting Science-Based Target greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. This is an important step that will bring Veritas’ environmental sustainability efforts to the next level. In FY2021, the company’s reduction goals will be submitted to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) aligned to the 1.5 degree Celsius SBT scenario, including Scope 3 SBTi GHG reduction goals.

Veritas promotes environmental sustainability within every part of the company. To achieve the highest impact, every employee within the organization has a role to play to embed sustainable practices in their daily work and behavior.