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The Importance of a Do-It-Yourself Mentality

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Technology has entered an amazing age: today, anyone can do anything, and that’s not an exaggeration. With the right attitude, a bit of research, and nothing more than a good idea, anyone can make it big in our industryand you don’t need resources. Today, developers are building million-dollar applications and games on their home PCs, laptops, and even cell phones. The world has never been closer to the fingertips of those that can do it themselves. 

Innovation begets innovation 

It is no surprise that we see this kind of mentality internally at Veritas through the work of various hackathons and internship programs, often producing outstanding ideas that eventually roll into our products. Beyond hackathons, companies are also trying to ride the innovation wave, and these projects require that same can-do attitude among individuals involved. Businesses often achieve this by starting from the ground up, with new dev-ops teams tied to greenfield initiatives, massive infrastructure shifts, and transformations and integrations that lead to entirely new operating models. And these shifts are driven by the attitudes of the developers and leaders knowing they can make a change— they can get it done.  

Realizing the value of APIs 

With this evolution has come a new standard in the way we expect to interface with technologythe age of the application programming interface (API) has come into bloom. Developers, both experienced and junior, expect everything they build to integrate and be integrated with numerous other applications. The advantage of using APIs is two-fold, as the creators application is completely black-boxed and secured, while the end-user can leverage a simple set of four commands and a document to gain access to every feature and functionality that a product can offer. This contract created between applications via APIs has become the backbone of many modern technology firms.  

A commitment to providing API functionality at Veritas 

Veritas understands modern businesses that develop their own applications expect API functionality for ease of interface and integration so they can create independently. Application programming interfaces unlock the door to experimentation and give “do-it-yourselfers” a universal set of instructions to build with ease. The market has shifted into a world of rapid consumption and integration, with APIs becoming the language our industry speaks.

Veritas understands the importance of the API. In the last few years, we have endeavored to bring this functionality to our customers through numerous products in our portfolio, including NetBackup, CloudPoint, Resiliency Platform, Information Studio, and APTARE. We understand the value this functionality can bring to our customers. We’re not done yet either, with every release we continue to add more objects and actions to our growing library of commands. 

I want to hear from you, in the comments below or message me directly @cusimano, about how you use the Veritas APIs, and what else you would like to see from Veritas in upcoming releases?