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The Veritas Heathrow office honors Veterans with fundraiser for Camaraderie Foundation

Community Manager
Community Manager
Employee CPEP

On Tuesday, May 22nd, and Thursday, May 24th, the Veritas Heathrow Employee Resource Group, Remembering and Empowering Veterans at Veritas – REVIV – hosted a breakfast fundraiser in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day and those who have served our country, raising $926 in donations.

All proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to Camaraderie Foundation to provide “healing for invisible wounds of war through counseling, emotional, and spiritual support for all branches of Military Service Members, Veterans and their families.”

Breakfast fundraisers have become a staple at the Veritas Heathrow Campus, led by ERG Champions from our BLEVE, GIVE, HOLA, PAVE, REVIV, SAVE, and WAVE groups. The menu – complete with bacon, eggs, and waffles – continues to be a hit, and all items are prepared on-site. 

The Veritas Heathrow REVIV group wore its ERG t-shirts in promotion of the Memorial Day fundraiser.The Veritas Heathrow REVIV group wore its ERG t-shirts in promotion of the Memorial Day fundraiser.I’d like to extend a note of gratitude to Heathrow leadership for their support of ERG breakfast fundraisers, and to our employees for their continued generosity. I'm thankful to be a part of a company where the message #VCares is carried throughout everything we do, including raising funds for Military Service Members and their families.

Simply, #LifeAtVeritas is good.

 Veritas’ Heathrow REVIV Employee Resource Group & VolunteersVeritas’ Heathrow REVIV Employee Resource Group & Volunteers