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Using Customer and Partner Feedback Helped Veritas Design A Simplified Support Website


In case you haven’t read my introductory discussion in the Veritas Support User Experience community, my name is @kellyromer. I am the Veritas Support Customer Experience leader. We are going to be using VOX as a place to have a two-way dialog with all of you about our online support experience and support in general. My team and I are VERY much looking forward to sharing what we’re up to and learning from your feedback. We hope you see a focused commitment to make your lives easier when you need help using our products in any way.

For this update, I wanted to pass along that I had the privilege once again this year to attend our Veritas VISION conference and meet hundreds of our customers and partners face-to-face. Oftentimes, support can be kind of a faceless thing as we interact via phone, email, websites, etc. So VISION is a special opportunity for my team and I to have rich, face-to-face discussions with our customers and partners. This year, our team demonstrated our new Veritas Support website that will launch this coming weekend. It was SO awesome to see and talk with all of you! Overall, the feedback we received was quite positive. “Stoked,” “excited,” “really nice,” “really helpful,” and “awesome” were just some of the comments we heard.

As “stoked” as we were to hear those kinds of accolades, the real excitement for us was in demonstrating new features that were a result of customer suggestions we received last year. We know that our MANY portals need improvements and need to be consolidated into a SINGLE support website. In this first website release, we’re working feverishly to enrich the customer support experience—with providing a more consolidated and integrated support site, easier navigation, more robust search capabilities. and easier case management.

Rest assured that our portal refresh this weekend is just the beginning of a multi-phase journey. Like last year at VISION, this year we held numerous focus groups, staffed our Experts Bar for product-specific questions, demo'd our new website at our demo booths, and conducted many individual interviews to capture many new suggestions for refinements. Our intention is to continue listening to you and learning from you, and to be vocal envangelists on your behalf within Veritas to make your lives easier.

 So, what are some of these changes for mid-October?

  • A new Veritas Support website—the new site will merge the existing and sites into a single site. With greatly improved design, it’ll be easier for customers and partners to find and apply the information needed to support Veritas products.
  • The Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS) portal interface will receive some enhancements and will also be integrated with the new support site for entitlement validation during case creation.
  • Enhanced case handling processes internally, so customers can expect more efficient updates and faster resolution times.
  • Information search capabilities have been greatly improved with enhanced knowledgebase and alerts search/self-service in terms of results relevancy and ability to filter results.
  • Improved online case management capabilities.
  • Simplified product selections for enhanced searching of the knowledgebase and documentation, for selecting support by product, and for submitting/managing cases.
  • Improved product documentation viewer for searching, navigating, and downloading documentation. This includes Google-indexed documentation HTML sections that can be found when searching from Google.

In the coming months, you will see us continue to refine existing capabilities and add new capabilities that we couldn't squeeze into this first release. These will be things like searching VOX from the Support website, new subscription capabilities, website favorites with custom PDF generation, setting/saving website defaults like products, and more. Over time, we will also offer additional support channels and find additional ways to improve callaboration with us, so it's far less effort on your end when interacting with us.

We will continue to share our roadmap for future capabilities and seek your feedback to ensure we are on the right track. And just to be clear, you have many options for providing your feedback to us:

  1. Customer and Partner Engagement (CPEP) - join this program to engage us and provide all kinds of feedback on our company, products, and experiences. 
  2. Use the Feedback + icon/link on the right side of our support site. Our team monitors that and actions all feedback we receive.
  3. Here on VOX @ Inside Veritas -> Support User Experience. Respond to blog posts and discussion threads.
  4. Email my team directly at for individual questions and responses.

We hope you are looking forward to these improvements and this new opportunity for engagement between us all as much as we are. And THANK YOU for continuing to be honest and patient with us as we work hard to meet your needs!

Kelly Romer

Veritas Support Customer Experience Leader