Veritas ERGs showcase our incredible corporate community

Veritas hosts 7 employee resource groups (ERG) – each grassroots, employee-led offering was created to benefit Veritas employees through improved awareness and understanding of the unique nature of our corporate community; simply, we’ve got some incredible individuals at Veritas!


Under the Corporate Responsibility umbrella, Veritas strives to foster diversity, inclusion, passion, and strong leaders at every rank within the company. Please see the list of available Veritas ERGs, below:

  • BLEVE – Black Employees at Veritas Empowered
  • GIVE – Giving at Veritas Empowered
  • HOLA – Hispanic Outreach Leadership Affinity
  • PAVE – Pride at Veritas Empowered
  • REVIV - Remembering and Empowering Veterans in Veritas
  • SAVE - Sustainability at Veritas Empowered
  • WAVE - Women at Veritas Empowered

For those among Veritas, as you peruse the list and consider your own interests, feel free to check out our contacts within each respective group on VKNOW. We will be sharing more on each group as the weeks go on.

And if you identify a focus or topic you’d like to see represented among Veritas ERGs, we welcome you to tackle your own – there are so many opportunities in our thriving company community. Reach out to Melynnie Rizvi, Rosie Parket, or myself, and we will help by pointing you in the right direction!

Let’s unite through Veritas ERGs.


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