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Veritas Global Hackathon 2020 Winners


At Veritas we believe in a culture where innovation, creative problem solving, and collaboration are always top of mind, especially for the technical community. To foster this culture of innovation, we organize regular Hackathons, which can be site-specific events or run as a global activity. And every year, we host a Global Hackathon for all the engineering groups across all sites, including; the US, China, and India to get involved.

Our Hackathons are internal events that bring huge value to our customers and partners, taking the feedback we have received and turning them into ideas for future development The event requires our engineers to come up with new ideas that haven’t been previously considered or solve a particular recurring problem, demonstrate and influence the product teams to incorporate them in the future releases. Sometimes these new ideas lead to patents, which adds to Veritas’ expanding patent portfolio. This potential for discoveries is what makes hackathons an exciting process for our global engineering teams to be involved in. At the end of the event, we award the local hackathon winners, who then vie for the coveted 2020 global hackathon prize.

For this year’s Global hackathon ideas were broken into two categories and winners are picked in each category:

  • New Product Features (NPF): These ideas are turned into either new features in our existing products or into a new product, and are generally customer-facing ideas.
  • Operation and Support Efficiency (OSE): These ideas can be either operational efficiencies that will make the organization move faster or supportability improvements, which reduce support time for customers and or improve the customer experience. These ideas may or may not be shipped with a product or become customer-facing.

This year we had a fantastic response with more than 500 employees who participated in the virtual Veritas Hackathon 2020, with over 200 demos presented to a panel of over 30 judges who were impressed with the level of innovation on display. Some of the identified entries may be candidates for patent submissions and warrant further discussion for potential productization in the future.

Veritas Hackathon 2020 Site Winners are:


            NPF: Asmita Jagtap, Shubham Kushwaha, Sandeep Parmar

            OSE: Padmaja Malawade, Vidjay Patnekar, Vikas Mandlo


            NPF: Andrew Bork

            OSE: Bobby Hamilton


            NPF: Charles Yin, Baifu Han, Yuying Wang

            OSE: Lucy Wei, Yong Yang

Santa Clara:

            NPF: Mitesh Shah, Abhinav Agrawal, Elizabeth Razo

            OSE: Jeremy Shaw, Sindhuja Balasubramanian








I would like to thank everyone for participating and congratulate this year’s Veritas Global Hackathon 2020 winners, well done.