Veritas Headquarters hosts community blood drive alongside Stanford Blood Center

Helping lead Veritas Technologies’ ongoing collaboration with the Stanford Blood Center through GIVE is both personally and professionally satisfying. Supporting the collection of such a valuable community resource is meaningful in itself, but being able to invite my colleagues at Veritas to join in an endeavor that has played such a pivotal role in my and Faelan’s life – this is especially compelling.

GIVEblooddriveJuly11.jpgThose of us among Veritas' employee resource groups are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Stanford Blood Center in support of our local community.Faelan is my eight-year-old son, and he has hereditary spherocytosis, a condition impacting his ability to produce and maintain red blood cells. Access to resources from facilities like the Stanford Blood Center can mean the difference between life or death for Faelan.

Common childhood viruses have caused his hemoglobin to dip to 5 and below – children generally present between 13 and 17 – so he has needed immediate emergency transfusions. To date, Faelan has received 3 full blood transfusions that literally saved his life.

FaelanforGIVEblooddrive.jpegMy son, Faelan, enjoying an afternoon at a local Cub Scouts camp.On July 11th Veritas’ Mountain View GIVE group hosted the Stanford Blood Center for a community drive – the second we’ve held in 2018. We were thrilled to fill the employee volunteer roster before the event, and with the signs placed along the roadway during the collection period, we even had several additional donations from the community surrounding our offices.

The drive resulted in the collection of 26 units of blood – that’s enough blood to potentially positively impact 78 patients! I’m grateful to be a part of an organization dedicated to caring for its local communities and inspiring employees to do the same.

We are already planning our next blood drive alongside the Stanford team, and will provide updates here via VOX Blogs. So please, prepare to roll-up your sleeve and join Veritas GIVE in giving back to the community!

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