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Veritas India Welcomes First Group of Interns in 2020

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#TeamVtas 60 new interns @ Veritas campus in Pune#TeamVtas 60 new interns @ Veritas campus in PuneOn January 6, Veritas invited 60 new interns to join the company’s Pune office through the Veritas University program. The program offers a six-month internship that provides an opportunity for participating college graduates to integrate into ongoing projects with the Pune team and showcase their talent. The new interns will get to dive into an exciting range of activities, from joining scrum and QA teams to helping to develop applications, create sales enablement materials and marketing content, and deliver mission-critical projects.

Veritas India is the company’s largest Engineering Center of Excellence and strives to attract talent with an innovative mindset. University graduates have proven to be the perfect candidates to bring in fresh skills with high energy and enthusiasm. This program prepares interns for exciting positions in the global industry, and many of the interns who participate ultimately join the company as full-time employees.

“Interns bring new perspective and skills to the team that makes a real impact,” says Neelakandan Panchaksharam, Engineering VP and Veritas India Site Leader. “They work on critical projects solving real-world problems to help the Pune team deliver on its priorities. In turn, our commitment to the internship program helps us build the next generation of talent for Veritas.”

In 2018 and 2019, 100 percent of the interns in the Veritas University program out of India designated the company as “a great place to work.” The company has also received impressive reviews on its culture and work/life balance.

With a diversified workforce, supported by the foundation of company values that demonstrate awareness and care for employees, Veritas Pune inspires collaboration and trust among #TeamVtas, and ultimately offers truly compelling solutions to Veritas customers and partners.