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Veritas India runs to support organ donation

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Meet Mrudula AndhareMeet Mrudula AndhareThis year’s Veritas Run (VRun) kicked off with a bang on 6 February, albeit virtually. Each participating employee started VRun from their homes and building compounds. Some employees participated in the VRun because they enjoy running, some did it to spend time with their families and children, and some, like me, did it to support this year's cause—organ donation.

My mother was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2013, and the doctor’s verdict was to undergo a liver transplant. Now, a liver transplant needs to be conducted while the organ still has a blood supply. This made it very difficult to find a suitable organ. The lack of awareness around organ donation added to this. When we finally got the call in early 2015 about an available donor, it was a new lease of life for my mother.

When I hear the word organ donation, I cannot help but remember the struggle we went through. I would have participated in VRun anyway, but as soon as I heard the cause we were running for, it only strengthened my resolve to do my bit. I read somewhere that organs from one donor can save eight people's lives and help up to 50 people with tissue donation.

I was also interested in knowing if there were any more such stories at Veritas that inspire and endorse organ donation. I found out that IT Manager, Manoj Patil, had a similar story to tell.

One of Manoj’s family members was suffering from a damaged kidney and needed regular dialysis. On digging deeper into this, Manoj found that dialysis was just a temporary solution and what his relative needed was a kidney transplant. As advised by the doctor, Manoj signed up his relation to be a recipient of a transplant. After more than a three-year wait, they received the call saying that a kidney was available. That was three months ago, and today Manoj’s family member is well and on the road to recovery. He says, “for my family and me, the organ donor will always be considered God.”

Besides running to support a cause, we have some other employees with their own inspirations. Senior Principal Product Manager, Nagesh Gadnis, says, “getting up early and pursuing a dream goal is the best thing I like about VRun.” He felt the training and the actual run influenced his train of thought during his professional decision-making process. “You will see sights like parents carrying children on their shoulders and athletes pushing their limits and motivating each other to finish the event successfully. VRun motivates you to run solo as well as stay united as a team”, concludes Nagesh.

Another colleague mentioned to me that “VRun is not just a running event but a culmination of training, diet tips, and challenges by volunteers and fitness experts,” says Shobha Dashottar.

Veritas had 283 full-time employees participate in this year's Vrun, across 21 states and 155 cities in India. We have collectively raised awareness for organ donation and INR 149,407, which will go to charities like Seva Sahayog.

The tagline for VRun this year definitely resonates with me: Together, we can. Together VRun.

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Veritas is basically an institute which works for the welfare of society and they support organ donation. Most amazing things about this institute is that every employee, start work on from their  homes and basements. Some of people join this job is because they wanted to spend more time with their families and some join because they wanted to work for humankind.