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Veritas Interns: My experience as an IT Developer

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This summer, I had the opportunity to join Veritas Technologies as an IT Developer Intern. I’m currently a master’s student at San Jose State University (SJSU), specializing in Data Science and Full Stack Development. I love to cook, travel, and learn new things. I have three-plus years of experience as a full-stack developer, and my goal is to become a technical architect. Years from now, after retirement, I would like to open a bakery.

My summer internship involved developing a Top Deals dashboard. Top deals at Veritas contribute to over 50 percent of booked order value, so creating a dashboard for this crucial functionality provided me with the visibility that I needed in my role. I worked with state-of-the-art technologies like React hooks, and I even developed complex workflows in Java Spring boot and PL SQL. I presented the completed dashboard to our company’s management team to demonstrate my contributions and results. I was excited to hear that it was helpful and added value to the business. 

I have the opportunity to continue my work with Veritas part-time while I finish school. Many things helped me to succeed and excel in my role. First, I believe that planning and strategizing are a big part of what we are doing. Coupled with hard work and dedication, I provided a tangible outcome and result for my team. Although my role was highly technical and challenging at times, I had the support from my team and manager to get the answers and resources I needed to succeed in my projects. 

There are lots of things that I love about working as an intern. I like the flexibility that Veritas offers. I especially value that I was empowered to take ownership of my project. During the summer, I made time to visit my extended family in Boston and meet my long-time friends for a fun weekend in New York, all while working as an intern. It is essential to integrate living a happy and healthy lifestyle, which will motivate you to do your best work. My manager understood this when I was on the east coast and even took the effort to set up a flexible meeting schedule with me. 

My favorite memories include when I presented the Top Deals dashboard to the TOT leadership team, and I am still delighted that it was well-received. Everyone was so supportive, and I feel that my role has impacted the business. Another memorable moment of my internship was when the Executive Vice President of Veritas Products Organization, Deepak Mohan, joined a virtual fireside chat with our intern class. It was fascinating to hear an industry leader’s perspective on taking risks and developing a growth mindset. I found him to be quite insightful, and it made me want to be more adventurous and innovative, which is one of the company’s core employee value propositions to which I align most.

My first advice to future interns is to ensure their interests align with the assigned project. An internship is a learning opportunity that you don’t want to waste. It is necessary to engage and learn as much as possible while onboard. Be responsive with your team and manager. I knew that asking questions when you don’t understand something is a strength. It helps to be transparent with your team and tell them about your challenges and obstacles so they know how they can be helpful.