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Veritas' Internship Program Sparks Innovation

Level 4

At Veritas, we emphasize sparking innovation with employees of all levels, including the interns we bring on board every year. We have two successful internship programs, one based in India, and the other in the US, that nurture up to 100 interns every year.

Our internship program is a fruitful initiative run by our University Relations (UR) team. Every year, we hire and onboard diverse talent from excellent colleges through campus hiring events across India and the United States.

The UR team strives to attract the best emerging talent, tech natives “born in the cloud era.” The team focuses on providing the best intern experience and preparing them for early career success. Our goal is to inspire innovation and creative thinking to help us solve problems no one else can.   

Both internship programs offer the opportunity for interns to showcase their talent and integrate their professional learnings with their curriculum requirements.

Our interns are exposed to real-time problem statements, cutting-edge technologies, and many exciting projects gaining valuable work experience. We always strive to attract bright talent with an innovative mindset. The interns coming from premier colleges have always been a proven source of fresh talent and full of enthusiasm.

This program prepares students for exciting positions in the industry. Many of them have joined us as full-time employees at the end of their internship and contribute towards building the next generation of talent for Veritas. Upon completing their internships, our interns have recommended Veritas as a great place to work based on their experience.

With 68 India interns completing their internship in June, we have recently onboarded 43 US interns joining us during May. We have many more exciting things planned as a part of our internship program. If you’re interested in joining the program, you can email me at for India or for the US, or check out our careers page.

Finally, I'd like to share feedback I've received from our current interns:


Manali Daigavane,
Software Development Engineer Intern, Pune, India

"I enjoyed my internship at Veritas and now I have valuable experience that helps reinforce my skillset. My colleagues are very supportive and encourage me to do more."


Pratiksha Gawali,
Software Development Engineer Intern, Pune, India

"It was amazing to experience the dynamic and resilient work culture at Veritas. The global exposure and team spirit has made me explore a different dimension of current technologies. Working at Veritas is like moving ahead of time."


Naman Modi,
Product Management Intern, Pune, India

"Throughout the internship, my team at Veritas guided and encouraged me to take ownership of my project, they helped me make a positive impact. The focus on innovation has accelerated my drive to learn and grow further."


Mayur Gotmare,
Software Development Engineer Intern, Pune, India

"The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives has been an integral part of my internship with Veritas. It gave me an opportunity both, to develop as a professional as well gain valuable work experience."


Aditi P,
Corporate IT Intern, Pune, India

"My internship at Veritas has been a smooth transition from college to the corporate world. The journey so far has been so exciting and full of new learning experiences."


Parker Martin,
VOC Operations Support Intern, US

"The opportunities offered through my Veritas internship match my values of driving innovation while setting me up to succeed in my career. I'm completing a project that gives me valuable experience and I enjoy working alongside Veritas' strong team in an encouraging work environment."


Stephanie Luo,
UX Design AMS Intern, US

"My internship at Veritas has been such a growing experience, as I am able to learn new skills and connect with other individuals in my field of expertise."


Chase LaMotte,
Communications Intern​, US

"Since starting at Veritas, I have met a plethora of amazing people that have helped educate and guide me through my internship. Everyone within our team and outside of it has been so friendly and helpful, and it has already made for such a memorable summer."


David Ha,
Software Development Engineer Intern, Roseville, US

"This internship has connected me with many mentors who are experienced in my field. I was really happy to get some hands-on experience creating a development application, and learning how to use a variety of technologies that I wouldn't have had the chance to learn otherwise."


Kritika Raitani,
Business Systems Analyst Intern, US

"The best part of the internship at Veritas is the support that I am getting from employees. My manager and coworkers trust me with my responsibilities and give me the freedom to implement the work as per my knowledge. My suggestions are always welcomed by the team, thus giving me confidence and motivating me to do better. I hope to emerge as a true leader after my internship at Veritas."