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Veritas Meet the Recruiter: Monica Singh

Level 1

Monica Singh.jpgVeritas Meet the Recruiter: Monica Singh

Job title and organization you support: Principal Recruiter, Customer Success

Years at Veritas: 12 months  

First job: 
My first job was a winter internship at the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) Bank to recruit financial consultants. It was an exciting experience for which they paid me a stipend for each candidate that I recruited to the company. Although it wasn’t a high-paying role, it felt like a big deal to me back then. This experience as an intern made me realize that recruiting is the career that I wanted to continue in the future.

First corporate job:
My first corporate job was at Capgemini Financial Services, a multinational company where I contributed to a variety of their recruitment needs. This experience made me a versatile and niche recruiter. I was at Capgemini for four years, and my role gave me the building blocks that have helped to keep my career rock solid for the past decade and many years to come.

Fun facts about yourself:
I love visiting places of nature and scenic beauty; mountains give me peace and good vibes. I love to travel to such places to get a change in scenery and get away from my daily routine. Visiting unfamiliar places give me an opportunity to try new delicacies and experience new cultures. My favorite places I’ve visited are Gulmarg and Munnar India.

Favorite hobbies/past time:                  
In my spare time, I enjoy running and cycling. I prefer outdoor activities because they keep me charged up and improve my physical and mental health.

What inspired you to become a recruiter/work in talent acquisition?
One of the best parts about being a recruiter is that I’m constantly bringing people together. For hiring managers, I can help them select and hire qualified candidates and for the candidates themselves, I play an important part in helping them find their dream job. My career is rewarding, and I get to be part of the positive impact on people’s lives. Helping people land a career is very fulfilling.

What has been the biggest lesson(s) you have learned as you progress in your career? 
The biggest lesson for me has been that I should always be open to learning new things. Lessons can come from anyone at your company from any level. It’s also essential to try to incorporate innovative ideas in my daily job. For example, my manager taught me that no question is a silly question. If I’m confused about something, chances are, someone else is wondering the same thing. I should never be afraid to ask for clarification or help.

What roles are you hiring? What are the skills needed to succeed in these roles?
My role supports the Customer Success organization at Veritas. Customer Success roles entail troubleshooting with Enterprise-level customer support issues. To be successful, the ideal candidate must be a team player and work together to understand the customer’s need. Interpersonal skills are key in Customer Success because the role is client-focused and customer-centric.

What top three tips would you give to someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to you?

  1. Highlight your technical skills and certifications.
  1. Keep your resume brief, one to two pages maximum.
  2. Learn and know about the company and the role to be better prepared for the interview.

Click on the link below to know more about the open opportunities within the Customer Success team-