Veritas REVIV hosts panel discussion with Veritas Veterans

At the end of February, Remembering and Empowering Veterans in Veritas (REVIV) partnered with Women at Veritas Empowered (WAVE) to host a panel discussion with Veritas Veterans. Veritas colleagues shared their journey from the military to the technology industry, while answering questions from attendees.

Speaking on the Veteran panel and sharing their motivation for joining the military was:

  • David Clinton, Veritas Senior Principal of Price and License Specification, who from a young age was inspired to “do his part for his country,”
  • Andrew Taylor, Director of Legal and Public Affairs, who saw an opportunity to pursue multiple career paths,
  • and Jasmine Torres, Senior Principal Business Critical Account Manager, who comes from a legacy of service members.

While these Veterans had different inspirations for joining the military, each felt compelled to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Their journey from military to tech is as unique as their initial reason for serving. David joined the United States Marines and was deployed overseas to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Desert Storm. After leaving the military, he returned to civilian life and worked as a security guard. Seeing that there was more opportunity for growth in high tech, David decided to make the transition. Andrew’s journey began when he discovered his passion for becoming both a soldier and a lawyer. Realizing that he could pursue both passions by joining the New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF), he decided to go down that path. After university, he served as an infantry officer for several years until he decided it was time to focus on his other passion and became a diplomat before eventually transitioned to high tech. Jasmine, on the other hand, saw the military as an opportunity to see the world and help people as a medic. While working as a military medic, she was inadvertently faced with IT issues and discovered a new passion for technology. After serving for several years, she decided to make the transition to tech. 

Switching careers is always a challenge, but the transition from soldier to civilian adds a level of complexity. While making this transition, David’s military training reinforced perseverance and agility, making frustrating or chaotic situations manageable. Andrew learned early on in his career that staying calm will help others be calm and will ultimately lead to better decision making. His calm demeanor helped him keep his wits about him while enduring this career and life transition. Jasmine also learned valuable skills from the military that helped her tackle this new phase of life. When presented with adversity, she makes a plan, follows it, and makes adjustments accordingly. This methodical approach has helped her in every aspect of her life. Their military careers instilled valuable skills, such as leadership, adaptability, reliability, concise communication, collaboration with cross-functional teams, and selflessness, that have proved invaluable in their tech careers.

At Veritas, we believe in diversity in thought, perspective, experience, and life is a vital part of our culture to drive cohesive, resilient, and high-performing teams. Thank you to the Veterans of REVIV, especially David, Andrew, and Jasmine, for sharing your stories. You are valuable assets to #TeamVtas, and working with colleagues who have such diverse backgrounds like you, is part of what makes #LifeAtVeritas so rewarding.

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