Veritas’ Roseville office hosts Take Your Kid to Work Day

TWKTWD2.jpgAttendees of Veritas' Roseville office Take Your Kid to Work Day participated in several fun activities, including a bridge-building challenge.

Veritas’ Roseville office hosted a Take Your Kid to Work Day, inviting staff to bring their little ones on-site for a day of technology activities, a showing of Big Hero 6, and a kid-approved meal.

While the planned activities were decidedly different than their parents’ day-to-day efforts, the children were delighted by each among three options. Our TYKTWD attendees had the opportunity to build a bridge “at least 14” span, at 1’ tall, and with only newspaper, tape, and rubber bands,” explained one among Veritas’ staff. The results were tested with weight, and “the winning bridge actually held a person!”

TYKTWDembedded.jpgRoseville's TYKTWD attendees pose for a team photo following a day of fun engineering-focused activities.The children were also invited to participate in game design via the Construct 2 program, as well as a Tech Take-Apart, where they dismantled out-of-use and laptops and servers and reconstructed snap circuit boards. One child said of their Tech Take-Apart experience, “Tech Take-Apart was my favorite! Not only did we take it apart, we put some things back together!”

Killian Evers, VP of Customer Experience, met with our Women at Veritas Empowered group and the girls visiting the office for TYKTWD to discuss the importance of building negotiating skills, and seeking mentors and sponsors.

Following the day’s activities, one young attendee noted, “Data is something that keeps your information.” Those of us in Veritas’ Roseville office were pleased to know the Truth in Information message played its part!

A special thank you to Jyotsna Magani for organizing the day, and to those in Veritas’ Roseville office for attending. Opportunities like these are just a part of what makes #LifeAtVeritas so good.