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Veritas Run 2023 will raise funds to support Mai Bal Bhawan

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VRun past photos (1) v2.jpgOn 21 January 2023 Veritas Pune, India employees and their families will participate in the fifth Veritas Run (VRun). VRun has been one of the annual events that Veritas employees look forward to the most since its inception in 2018. It has been two years since I joined Veritas, and I’ve participated in two virtual runs, which took place during the pandemic. Both races were great experiences but the vibrant atmosphere with a sea of people wearing Veritas colors was missing. This year, Veritas will celebrate coming together in-person, and running from one location again.

Health and fitness, including a daily walk or run, is something that is an integral part of my life. Leading the core planning team for VRun gives me the opportunity get involved with one of my hobbies in the work environment while also engaging with people, which is second nature to me. With an enthusiastic team that goes above and beyond, this mammoth task is manageable. The core team started planning for VRun during October 2022 and I’m glad to say that the Pune office is looking forward to an engaging and interactive event. The spirit of VRun embodies the coming together of colleagues and families moving towards a common cause. The event’s success is not just mine, but the team’s and that of each runner.

While the planning and participation is one aspect of the run, another key element is selecting the fundraisingVRun past photos (3) v2.jpg cause that each participant will run for. This year, the team decided to run in support of physically challenged and abled orphan girls. In association with Veritas’ non-government organization (NGO) partner Seva Sahayog Foundation, participants will raise funds for Mai Bal Bhawan through the Veritas dollars-for-doers program. This organization is dedicated to helping girls in need of health, education, and financial support.

While running for a cause provides me with added motivation to participate in VRun, it is the opportunity to connect with the wider team in-person, which fills me with renewed energy for this activity. I can’t wait to join #TeamVeritas for VRun 2023.

If you would like to be a part of #TeamVeritas and take part in our next VRun, then visit our careers page to explore the latest opportunities in Pune.

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Great work Ashish and Event Organizing Team.

Wishing #TeamVeritas Pune and every Participant every success for the VRun 2023 !