Veritas' University Program: about internships at Veritas

ROS Interns.jpgThe Veritas University Program provides internship opportunities to students across the globe, and we've extended full-time employment opportunities to approximately 450 interns who have completed our internship sessions.We are proud of the talent acquired through the Veritas University Program. To date, across the globe, the Veritas University Program has hired approximately 450 interns who have completed our internship sessions.

Bolstered in the hiring process by their newfound awareness of the Veritas organization and its products and services, as well as their confidence in the workplace encouraged by the breadth of our program, Veritas has become a full-circle experience for so many impressive students. We’ve numerous former interns who have returned on a full-time basis to work upon products they had influence to create and innovate while a part of the program.

At Veritas, interns are encouraged to truly join their assigned business group; from participating in daily meetings to engaging the decision-making process on ongoing Veritas solutions projects, interns from the Veritas University Program become a rich part of our company from Day One. In fact, Veritas interns have been listed on patents filed by the company!

We believe organizations who continue to celebrate and invest in their employees are more successful, and the Veritas University Program is just a part of this effort – a part of what makes #LifeAtVeritas so good.




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