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Veritas WAVE attends, Yes You Can Speak, career development workshop

After years of struggling to find her voice, Lynn Kirkham decided to make a change. She took a sabbatical that sent her around the globe, opening her eyes to the truth that many people shared her reality. Fueled by the experiences from her journey, Lynn dedicated her life to helping others discover their voice.

In September, Lynn ventured to Veritas Headquarters in Santa Clara to host a workshop—Yes You Can Speak—for our local Women at Veritas Empowered group. In the workshop, she discussed the correlation between past experiences and the ability to speak up, highlighting the importance of introspection to discover the root of anxiety associated with speaking.

She asked Veritas employees to participate in a moment of reflection to consider the following questions:  

  • What experiences from your childhood may be negatively impacting you today? 
  • What stops you from speaking up? 
  • When I let go of what’s holding me back, what’s possible? 

Answering these questions is the first step towards addressing anxiety associated with speaking and establishing the foundation to overcome it, explained Lynn.

Closing the workshop on an inspiring note, Lynn expressed, “We are born with a seed of pure potential and that potential is meant to be expressed your way,” inviting attendees to reach their full potential by addressing anxiety associated with speaking.

Interested in becoming a more confident speaker? Check out Lynn’s,Seven Keys to Stop the Jitters and Reclaim Your Voice video.


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