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Veritas and BestPrep eMentors

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For over six years, the Roseville Veritas team has partnered with BestPrep to provide eMentors for high school students during fall and spring semesters.

This fall, 19 Veritas employees participated in this email-based mentoring program connecting students with business volunteers. Through an eight week guided email exchange eMentors help students increase academic motivation, improve their reading and writing skills, provide career awareness, gain experience using technology, and promote social competence along with self-confidence. Weekly email topics include business culture, workplace skills, economics, math, financial literacy, and science, which help students link their classroom learning to the world of work. Each semester Veritas hots a "meet & greet" luncheon with students and mentors.


Here's what recent students from Brooklyn Center High School's Entrepreneurship class had to say about the program:
"I have learned that I have to keep my eyes open for opportunities. I must make sure by the time I am a graduate I should at least have something in mind to study during college. Let it be something I am passionate about."
"Throughout this program, I felt like my mentor actually wanted to get to know me and help me, not just write to me because they feel like they have to. I've gotten some amazing advice that has helped me, and I feel will help me even more in the future. Overall, it has been a really helpful and fun program. I've really enjoyed it."


BestPrep reported that Fall semester student participants:
 - 100% have broadened their knowledge of career options.
 - 100% improved their communication skills, such as writing or interpersonal skills.
 - 79% gained a better understanding of the skills needed for a career in a professional world.
 - 79% increased their knowledge of the career skills offered at their mentor's company.


Through our Dollars for Doers program, the Roseville Veritas team can sponsor this partnership with BestPrep. Thinking globally and acting locally by growing our communities is part of what makes Veritas a great place to work!