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Women in Tech: An interview with Raquel Mena

Community Manager
Community Manager

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Raquel Mena, Global Sales Enablement Specialist here at Veritas and I asked her about how she’s progressed her career, what it’s like working in tech and how we can encourage more women to join the IT industry. Here’s my interview with Raquel Mena, I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment below.

Meet Raquel Mena, Global Sales Enablement Specialist at VeritasMeet Raquel Mena, Global Sales Enablement Specialist at VeritasZoe: Hi Raquel, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule today to answer a few questions. For our readers of this blog, can you tell us how you came to be working in the IT industry?
Raquel: Sure, thank you for taking the time to chat with me!

I got into the IT industry around 8 years ago. I was hired as a hybrid inside/outside sales rep for a local IT reseller with a focus on developing the Central Florida region. After working there and in different areas of the business, I knew that tech sales was the right avenue for me and was something that I really enjoyed. That experience was a great introduction to the IT industry and is what ultimately led me to pursue a career at Veritas. 

Zoe: So, what motivated you to join Veritas?
Raquel: The opportunity to join Veritas (then Symantec) came at just the right time. I was already motivated to transition to the next stage of my career. In addition to learning about Veritas as an industry leader, I had also heard first-hand from a few employees about the culture, the positive working environment, and the opportunity that came with joining the team. All of these factors solidified that this was the right place for me. Starting with the Renewals Organization and evolving to Sales Enablement, I have grown with the company and over 5 years later… here I am!

Zoe: Raquel, what do you enjoy most about working in tech?
Raquel: I enjoy the fast pace at which the tech industry is moving. It’s amazing to see how technology evolves and changes so quickly. There is always something new and exciting being developed which makes every year in the industry exciting and different. It’s great to be part of a company and industry that will continue to have a strong presence in the business world for many years to come. 

Zoe: What is your greatest work achievement?
Raquel: When I look back at my career at Veritas thus far, I feel that being a part of an evolving role as a Renewal Sales Enablement Lead has allowed me to experience many achievements.

For example, developing and delivering the first official Renewals New Hire Program for the Americas Team is something I am very proud of. Seeing new hires start from the beginning, then apply what they have learnt and go on to become top performers is very rewarding. Complementary to that achievement, customizing programs and content for the Renewals Team has also positioned me to serve as an advisor and contributor globally. This has given me an amazing opportunity to not only make an impact with the Americas Team locally but to motivate and connect with colleagues across the globe. 

Zoe: What would you suggest makes a good leader? 
Raquel: I believe a good leader inspires others to work towards a common goal. He or she knows how to listen and can keep an open mind to the thoughts and opinions of others. A good leader stays connected with their team, knows their strengths and empowers them to be great. They also have the ability to coach and promote development. Last but not least, I think a good leader knows when to have a little fun!

Zoe: Who are your role models and influencers?
Raquel: My biggest role models and influencers have always been my parents. With my Dad being an electrical engineer working with the Space Lab program at Boeing and my Mom working in customer service with the Airline industry, I have always had great examples of what it takes to be successful. They taught me the value of hard work, the importance of education, and inspired me to have the drive to succeed in anything I do. In addition to being role models for the type of career I wanted to have, my parents have been my biggest influencers on the type of person I want to be. I believe the type of person you are contributes to the level of success you can achieve. My parents are the most positive, genuine, and supportive people I know. I am very grateful to have them as such great examples.

Zoe: Globally 20% of all jobs in the technology industry are held by women. What advice would you give to women wanting to get into tech?
Raquel:  The tech industry is constantly changing and for anyone, including women, adapting to that fast pace is essential. I feel that women are natural problem solvers and adapting to change and finding solutions to problems is an innate skill women possess. My advice is to be confident in your abilities, be assertive, and stay true to who you are. Use your strengths as a woman to accomplish your goals! 

Zoe: What do you think the next years hold for women in IT?
Raquel: I think the upcoming years will bring more opportunities and more innovation for everyone in IT. Women will definitely be visible in the industry as women today continue to be more confident about their abilities and the value they bring to the IT world. I look forward to seeing women move forward as a strong force in the industry and am excited to see more of them in leadership roles. 

Zoe: How do you balance your work life and personal life?
Raquel: Our work schedules and daily routines can become stressful and a little crazy at times (I think we can all relate!). My husband and I love to travel, so I try my best to make sure I have planned some sort of trip or a quick getaway to simply disconnect and get some rest and relaxation. The beach is my “happy place” so if I have some free time you will find me there - or at Disney World of course! I am part of a very large family, all within short driving distances from each other. Spending time with my parents, siblings, crazy nephews, and extended family is equally as important to me and is what I truly enjoy the most. It is always important to make sure you take time for yourself and for the things you love.  

So, that concludes my interview with Raquel Mena, if you enjoyed this blog then do stay tuned as there will be more interview-style posts from other women at Veritas posted shortly. And if this has inspired you to join Veritas, then check out our latest roles and apply here. There are plenty of opportunities at Veritas! So, why not join one of our growing teams?

Finally, watch out for more #LifeAtVeritas blogs and podcasts coming soon!