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Women in Tech: Jacqueline de Rojas' Speech on Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Level 3

The pace of change in technology is so fast that by 2020 there will be 1 million additional jobs created which we can't fill. Currently, there is only 17% of women in the technology sector, 10% women make up the cyber workforce and only 7% of engineering roles are filled by women. These are shocking statistics! So, what's going to happen when we get to 2020 and we can't fill these extra jobs in technology and engineering? Well, there is a big pool of talent for businesses to go fishing in to fill these vacancies, but changes need to be made in attracting top talent. The main issue with filling these new roles is that the domestic talent pipeline not growing fast enough, so we must influence the younger generation earlier to fill the talent pipeline. Being mindful of stereotyping and unconscious biases at an early age will improve diversity and inclusion in the technology sector, however this needs to start now to influence the next generation and fill the talent pipeline.

Watch this video to hear Jacqueline de Rojas' insightful talk about supporting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace to gain competitive advantage. She also shares her industry insights and some of her career experiences.