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#1 Archiving Vendor Meets #1 Virtualization Vendor

As the industry's most widely deployed archiving solution, with over 10 years on the market and 18,000 customers, Symantec Enterprise Vault™ empowers customers to store, manage, and discover information across their organization including messaging systems, file servers, social media communications and collaborative systems. 

 We are proud to announce that Enterprise Vault has now earned the prestigious VMware Ready certification. This certification identifies Enterprise Vault as optimized for VMware vSphere ™, and illustrates seamless interoperability within an organization’s virtual infrastructure. As a result, customers can feel comfortable deploying Enterprise Vault in a fully virtualized environment under VMware.

“Kemira runs all of our servers under VMware, so Enterprise Vault’s VMware Ready certification assures us of the stability of Enterprise Vault in a VMware environment”, said Ari Poyhonen, manager, IT infrastructure projects at Kemira. “This has helped us solve our archiving requirements while lowering the total cost of ownership and providing native High Availability and disaster recovery capabilities offered by VMware.”

As Mr. Poyhonen notes, when Enterprise Vault is virtualized with VMware, there are many benefits:

  • Enterprise Vault can run at similar performance levels to that of physical hardware. As a result, total hardware costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Existing physical Enterprise Vault installations can be easily migrated to VMware with the Enterprise Vault Server Migration Wizard or with the VMware vCenter™ (P2V) Converter.
  • Customers can create standard server images before and after installing Enterprise Vault, thus facilitating rapid testing in Test/Development instances, with ease of roll back offered by VMware. The same is true when customers are performing upgrades or testing hot fixes in production environments.
  • Data center efficiencies and scale can be optimized by dynamically adding processors and memory to Enterprise Vault guest servers. This allows scale up/scale down of resources when performing an initial archive or running a detailed eDiscovery search.
  • By archiving and offloading stale data, Enterprise Vault enables customers to further reduce their data center footprint and scale the applications and systems that are targeted for virtualization.
  • High Availability and disaster recovery can be achieved with VMware vMotion™, without the additional expense and complexity of deploying Microsoft cluster solutions.

And finally, the next service pack of Enterprise Vault 10 will automatically detect if an Enterprise Vault server is running under VMware; if so, it will point you to our EV 10 Best Practice – Implementing Enterprise Vault on VMware White Paper.