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All Suped Up and Revving to Go: What Enterprise Vault 10’s New 64-Bit Indexing Engine Has In Store For You

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The brand new 64-bit indexing engine featured in upcoming Enterprise Vault 10 offers up a whole new realm of performance, where customers can take advantage of improved scalability and flexible configuration options. With EV 10, both scale-up (more memory) and scale-out (additional hardware) architectures can be considered. Though once upgraded, all newly-archived content will be stored in 64-bit index volumes, existing 32-Bit Index volumes can still be queried seamlessly to pose no major change for end-users. Customers need not worry about any forced upgrades; they can simply continue to access their 32-bit indexed data.

EV 10 also provides an enhanced set of index management tools, which help guide upgrades to 64-bit indexes while maintaining health in normal operation.

We’ve worked hard to maintain all of the great features  built into our 32-Bit indexing framework while delivering the additional benefits a 64-Bit architecture can bring.  EV 10 will continue to have the most efficient indexing footprint; an industry-leading size of just 12% of original content size for phases based indexing means our customers can continue to provide fully-featured queries without a huge storage cost overhead. Each Indexing server can handle well over one billion emails, files, etc. which helps reduce hardware requirements over time. An individual 64-bit index volume can now hold up to 14x the number of documents as a 32-Bit index which means that we can load way more data into memory without having to federate across index volumes, resulting in more efficient querying and faster query response times. Depending on the type of search, the number of searches being concurrently requested etc. we've seen that, in certain situations, results can be returned 6x faster on a single (EV 10 recommended specification) server.

End-Users will notice a couple of slight differences with EV 10.Based on customer feedback and a number of user-centric design studies, we’ve changed the search result order to show the newest results first, instead of the most relevant ones. Also, attachments will now be returned with their associated email.  Many of our internal (EV 10 has been successfully fully deployed to all 17,000 Symantec employees this past April) and Beta users have already commented that these minor changes greatly enhance the usability of Enterprise Vault.

The EV team has worked long and hard to make the transition from 32-Bit to 64-Bit indexing as painless as possible, and we can’t wait to get this fantastic technology into our customers hands!

Stay tuned for my next blog, entitled, “The Lowdown On Enterprise Vault 10 Hardware Requirements and Server Migrations"

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