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CIO Insights: Preparing for GDPR Dos and Don'ts

Community Manager
Community Manager

CIO Insights GDPR ArticleCIO Insights GDPR Article

We recently published a CIO Insight Article Series in this particular article Pete Connor shares his expertise and how to prepare for the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). He debates whose job is it anyway and what’s the business case for investment in time for May 2018?

The GDPR deadline is fast approaching with less than six months for organisations to make sure they are compliant with the new regulation, are you ready? The regulation wheels are in motion and it’s a misconception that Brexit has put the brakes on for this data protection regulation in the UK. This long-awaited refresh of data protection legislation brings new challenges for the retail sector. From the document I've pulled out Pete's dos and don'ts for GDPR Compliance which is a useful guide for any industry:


  1. Create a robust governance model.
  2. Carry out a wide-reaching data discovery phase.
  3. Create a detailed action plan.
  4. Get board level and leadership buy-in.
  5. Prioritise tasks for greatest impact.
  6. Use it to become a data-led organisation.
  7. Get started now. What are you waiting for? The deadline is fast approaching.


  1. Think Brexit will make this go away, it won't.
  2. Think of it as IT’s problem, it affects all areas of your organisation.
  3. Underestimate risk to reputation and brand value.
  4. Underestimate the right to be forgotten task.
  5. Miss the opportunity to use tools that can be applied to the initial GDPR compliance challenge and add value beyond
  6. Let slip the chance to become a data-led organisation.

To find out more and read the full article download the attachment below. Please feel free to share the CIO Insights GDPR Article and blog post on your social networks. Thanks!