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Collection from Office 365 can be easy and fast

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Microsoft's Office 365 has been the go-to platform for enterprises small and big because it makes collaborating easier and faster. But finding relevant data among all the data generated by employees can be a daunting task for IT and Legal administrators. If a large amount of data is collected, the costs to review that data go up significantly because the primary cost in Legal or Compliance scenarios is consumed by people reviewing the data.

Microsoft offers Compliance Center for search & export of Office 365 data, but in addition to having an unintuitive user interface, the exported data is sent to an Azure blob storage location. End-users must have the technical know-how and access rights to connect to this storage. This is after the end-user has to install software just for this connection – something that is both cumbersome and time-consuming.

Veritas eDiscovery Platform provides an end-to-end flow to collect, reduce irrelevant content, have multiple reviewers decide what data is pertinent, redact or annotate, and then produce that data. Veritas eDiscovery Platform Product Management team is excited to announce the launch of a completely redesigned Office 365 Collection service.


Here are seven things that will empower eDiscovery customers with performant, reliable, and secure Office 365 collection:

  1. Modern, Intuitive UI: New collection user interface is implemented with the latest technology and is designed for better user experience with a rich look and feel.
  2. OneDrive Support: Collect from OneDrive in addition to our existing ability to collect from Exchange online.
  3. Simultaneous Collection from multiple sources: Collect data from multiple applications like Exchange and OneDrive at the same time.
  4. Filtering: A rich set of filtering options with various logical combinations of custodians, date ranges, and keywords. Support for Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) is now available for keywords and participants.
  5. OAuth 2.0 support: Support for industry-standard secured OAuth authentication.
  6. Parallel and Configurable Collection for better performance: Ability to run multiple (concurrent) requests to collect data from Office 365, boosting overall collection performance.
  7. Active Directory Sync for Cloud users: Powerful and faster AD Sync is available to support Office 365 collection from “cloud-only users.”

The ability to collect all necessary O365 data and manage our workflows processes using eDP as our single interface has saved time while also providing the necessary options and features that our Legal Department depends on. No other product we’ve reviewed has come close.”

— Anne Martin, Sr. Systems Analyst, Arizona Public Services

To learn more about our new Office 365 collection, request a demo of the Veritas eDiscovery Platform.

This blog was co-authored by @AnandKayande