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Data Genomics Index 2017: Digital Transformation Continues to Drive Explosive Data Growth

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Data is ever evolving.  The volume, type, and size of data are in a constant state of flux as organizations adopt new technologies and new approaches for improving their ability to deliver better customer outcomes – the basis for Digital Transformation. 

Our 2nd annual assessment regarding the overall state of data—the 2017 Data Genomics Index—has proven yet again that data growth is an unstoppable force. This year’s analysis of 31 billion files provides an unparalleled view into this powerful macro-trend and confirms the new reality—that data creation shows no plan of slowing down.  In 2017, data grew at a rate of 48.7% compared to 2016.  This means that we are continuing to inch closer to doubling the number of files created every two years, and we are doing it at a faster rate compared to last year’s 39% data growth rate. data-growth-TW-1024x512.png

 The analysis reveals that over 50% of all data analyzed consists of developer files, data files (e.g., .dat), image files, and unknown file types.  As a matter of fact, unknown files increased by 51% compared to last year, a signal that development and innovation continues rocketing skyward as custom apps are spun up and new and unrecognized file types are added to the broader data environment. 

Interestingly, the volume of stale data in this year’s analysis retreated down to 33% (from 2016’s 41%), suggesting that organizations are beginning to manage their ROT data more proactively, but we won’t know if this is a new behavior or a blip until next year’s Index.  33-percent-TW-1024x512.png

The 2017 Data Genomics Index (DGI) paints a dynamic, yet somewhat scary picture about where the world of data management is headed in the future.  Obviously, firms are investing in new technologies to increase agility and create customer value – but in many instances it’s still the wild west out there and organizations are still in the dark regarding what data they have under management and how best to govern that data.  In a world where data privacy is increasingly important, it’s mission critical that organizations use this year’s DGI as a siren’s call to gain visibility into their data regardless of where it resides or what it is. 

Download your free copy of the 2017 Data Genomics Index here.