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Data Insight 5.0 Enhances its Focus on User and Data Risk

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Unstructured data analysis has come a long way since Data Insight was introduced a few years ago.  As a practitioner in this area, it’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of Data Insight, now in its 5th major iteration.

Because cloud storage is becoming a primary storage platform, Veritas has added support for Data Insight administrators can now report on data, or users, both on-premises and in the cloud.

We’ve introduced a new user interface that has been optimized around customized views for data distribution and risk.  An interactive filtering capability allows users to combine multiple variables without the need to manage massive reports.  A security practitioner can look for toxic combinations of variables like sensitive data in open shares with high activity.  Governance or compliance users can quickly filter their own custom combinations such as stale or unprotected data and can subsequently send it to the archive.  Even legal users can use Data Insight 5 to find persons of interest or verify access history. The new UI was designed to easily guide the user to the answer.

Data Insight has always been a solution to help solve data risk.  We can use information from content classification systems such as Symantec Data Loss Prevention to identify sensitive data and apply statistical analysis techniques to the audit data to look for anomalies.  In version 5 users can quickly and easily assess risk without having to be a statistician. 

Reducing the risk of exposed files involves remediating access permissions.  Data Insight 5 provides an improved permissions search capability and entitlements remediation. Data Insight 5 can now remove access for unnecessary users through either direct ACL changes, or Active Directory membership adjustments.  Data Insight 5 can also search based on attributes like location or department. Because history can provide additional context to security teams, we now track changes to the permissions of objects.    

Reducing risk is a common theme in Data Insight.  But what happens when, despite our best efforts, something isn’t right and there truly is a malicious insider theft problem?  We’ve helped solve that with real time alerts.  Users can now define behavior to watch for, and receive notifications when something of concern may be happening.  No one can engineer out all the risk, but Data Insight 5 offers a way to continuously monitor who is accessing data.
Data Insight 5 is the evolution of how we can help solve the “Now what?” question that we all face in trying to reduce the risk and cost of unstructured data.

We help improve information governance by providing better analytics in the decision making process. Data Insight 5 makes archiving, securing or even deleting data even easier.  With our latest release, organizations have advanced tools to better plan and manage capacity and to lock down files and folders that are exposed.