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Data Insight 6.1RP2 is available for download.

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We are delighted to announce the general availability of Data Insight 6.1.2.

Data Insight (DI) 6.1.2 is another feature rich Release Pack (RP) which incorporates customer escalation fixes, features like: support for secure boot enabled Windows 2012 and 2016 servers, support for complete GDPR coverage for European union countries, introducing distributed classification server configuration (Classification server Pool), Self-service portal enhancements, and many critical security updates. Some of the requests fulfilled in DI 6.1.2 are direct from large customers, aimed at ease of use, better functionality and user satisfaction.

The additional features and enhancements, are the KEY HIGHLIGHT of the release.


Customers and partners will be able to download the DI 6.1.2 from SORT via:

Issues\Enhancements addressed DI 6.1.2 can be found at: Data Insight Release Notes.

Documentation and instructions: Guides and Manuals


Some of the key features, apart from escalation fixes, are:

  • Support for secure boot enabled Windows 2012 and 2016 servers – completely revamped the DI mini-filter drivers to support both secure boot enabled servers and non-secured boot enabled servers. This was a complex task, as there is almost no documentation available and also dependency on third party vendors like Microsoft for certification.
  • New Veritas Information Classifier (VIC)  2.1.4-1 engine release – VIC 2.1.4-1 includes GDPR personal data and special category personal data policies for all 28 EU member states. This completes the policy coverage requirement GDPR for all European Union countries.
  • Classification Server Pool: Enhanced the Classification Server deployment, by distributing the load of classification requests among several classification servers, thus making it distributed. These multiple classification server will be part of classification server pool, which will then classify large amount of data on a filer or a share in very less time. This is a critical feature for many customers who are running against a deadline to be GDPR complaint for large amount of data.
  • Support for Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3 for file governance use cases
  • Enhancing the One-Drive feature and support for One drive Proxy
  • Critical security vulnerability patching on bundled software contained within the application.
  • Self-service portal enhancements for multiple workflows for a specific user


Please download and upgrade you environment to gain these new features available under the newest version.