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Did you know supervisory review isn’t limited to banks?

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Young mand and woman looking at tablet PC_07.jpegWhen we talk about Information Governance, we emphasize the importance of classification of content, effective policy creation, and the positive impacts these can have on the organization from a regulatory perspective. But these processes can help elsewhere to encourage responsible business behavior.

Employee supervision is a multi-faceted discipline which typically is manual in nature and takes a great deal of time, often allowing for bad behavior to perpetuate. For example, long-term issues within large media corporations have recently resulted in charges of sexual abuse, harassment, discrimination, and numerous other offenses, all of which should have been detected years ago. 

Enter Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Compliance Accelerator, which is designed to actively monitor for suspicious activity. Together with Veritas Enterprise Vault™ classification and retention features, it can help detect, retain, and prepare content for legal discovery if necessary. It also automates and streamlines much of the supervision process. Intelligent Review, a feature of Compliance Accelerator, enables organizations to examine relationships between users and prioritizes content when interpersonal issues are identified by a reviewer. Our supervision and compliance tools empower skilled Human Resources personnel to identify issues early and assist managers in retaining valuable employees by proactively intervening in bad behavior situations, so they can provide corrective guidance and career counseling where available.

The Veritas Information Governance portfolio of solutions offers an ever-expanding toolset to provide value to a wide variety of job functions. For more information about Enterprise Vault 12 and Compliance Accelerator, visit the Enterprise Vault home page on or contact your Veritas account manager or authorized Veritas reseller.